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3 Times to Consider a Product Sampling Program

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Ratings and reviews have become an expected part of the customer journey. In fact, PowerReviews research found that 86% of consumers say reviews are an essential resource when making purchase decisions. If you have low (or no) review coverage for key products, your shoppers are far less likely to convert.

How can you generate more reviews? Consider Product Sampling, which allows you to send samples to existing or new customers in order to collect more, high quality reviews.  

And remember — product sampling isn’t just for low-cost items like toothpaste and hand cream. Several PowerReviews customers have had success with sampling programs for a variety of products — including big ticket items like mattresses!

Here are 3 times when brands and retailers should consider a sampling program.

When you’re launching a new product
Our research with Northwestern University found that reviews are especially important for products that require a higher level of consideration from shoppers. One situation that requires customers to think more before they make a purchase is when they’re considering a product or brand they have no experience with. Product sampling allows brands to generate reviews for new products, which can build confidence for future buyers and lead to more sales.

In addition, a Product Sampling program can allow you to receive feedback about a new product prior to launch. This gives you the opportunity to adjust products to better serve your customers.

When you have seasonal products or promotions
The window for purchasing seasonal products — like school supplies, holiday decorations, or swimwear — is generally pretty short. That’s why it’s important to generate reviews for these products as quickly as possible. Consider a pre-season sampling program to generate a high volume of reviews. That way, these seasonal products will have reviews available when consumers actively start shopping for them.  

When you need more review coverage for targeted products
Most likely, there are key products on your website that have a low volume or reviews — or no reviews at all. Run a report to identify products that have high traffic, but low sales. For example, let’s say you have a specific stand mixer that gets a lot of traffic, but doesn’t get a lot of sales. Generating reviews for this product can be a powerful way to build shoppers’ confidence and increase sales for this product. In fact, brands and retailers can increase conversions by up to 44% by partnering with PowerReviews.

How can you get more reviews for these targeted products? Through a sampling program.

Remember: when it comes to product sampling, transparency is key. Ask your ratings and reviews provider if they allow you to indicate when a reviewer received a free sample.

Interested in PowerReviews Product Sampling? Learn more about how it works.

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