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Client Success Directors, the Secret Sauce

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PowerReviews Client success directors (CSDs) start with the understanding that more reviews drive more conversions, so our job becomes helping our customers generate more and better content and then manage that content for optimal results.

Communications and Accountability Drive Trust
Some days I think a CSD’s best assets in this role are their ears! Listening to our clients– understanding their business, their company’s personality, and their business goals– is the starting point of all our relationships.

Listening is the starting point, but ultimately we’re here to help our customers be successful and that takes follow-up. Our customers know that when they contact us, we respond and give them regular updates. We work hard to earn the role of trusted advisor not only by understanding our customers and their business but also by following through on their requests and our promises. We are accountable to our customers and that accountability drives trust.

One Size Does Not Fit All
While we do have a library of best practices based on almost 10 years in the business, we also know that one size does not fit all. We like to understand the nuances that will allow our customers to adapt our best practices for their business. We keep in mind the types of products that are being reviewed and the personality of the brand when we make recommendations.

Generating More Reviews
Emailing a consumer after they’ve purchased a product to review the product is the most effective way of generating reviews. We do regular, proactive audits of our clients’ emails– whether they use our Review Accelerator or their email service provider– and provide feedback to help them improve conversion results.

For example, we worked with a customer whose emails were really straightforward and dry– they didn’t get the reader excited to write a review and didn’t reflect the personality of the company, which was fun and cutting edge. Tweaking the email improved conversion and helped reinforce their brand identity. We’ve encouraged other customers to add promotions including sweepstakes, which have improved response rates up to 100%.

Generating Better Reviews
PowerReviews offers 3,000+ industry and category specific review form templates to help our customers collect reviews that will be more helpful to their consumers. For example, shoe forms ask about the width of the shoe, while laptop and tablet forms ask about battery life. We help our customers choose the right template that will get them the most useful reviews. By generating reviews with product appropriate tags, we not only help consumers make better decisions but also provide our clients with better data for product decisions.

Responding to Negative Reviews
One of the hardest things for companies to accept is negative reviews. No one likes to be judged negatively, especially in such a public forum. So we educate our customers on the importance of negative reviews: they assure the reader that the reviews are genuine and that they can trust the reviews. We also provide guidance on how they can respond to the negative reviews to help guide future shoppers. Some strategies that we recommend include:

    • Respond to the reviewer. Use the Merchant Response feature to let the reviewer and readers know that the product has been updated in a way that addresses the negative feedback. This not only solves the “negative” portion of a review, but also shows that they are listening. It makes the individual feel heard.
    • Change the product description. You can change the expectations of shoppers by adjusting the product description to be more accurate. By better managing expectations, you reduce negative reviews. Information empowers consumers, so let it work for you, too.
    • Change or pull the product. Sometimes it’s not the reviewer or the description: sometimes– but not often–  it’s just a bad product. Some of our clients change or pull products based on negative reviews. They use review data in negotiating contracts with vendors. Review data is a goldmine that you can use to improve your products and services. As CSDs, we can help our clients learn how to mine that data.

The Best Part of My Job
The best part of my job is helping my clients successfully meet their goals.

Karen McNeela

Karen has a broad background as a Client Success Advisor for numerous companies working with a diverse set of products in a wide range of industries. In her role with PowerReviews she focuses on developing strong client relationships by providing consultative recommendations regarding best practices and creating value in the Ratings and Reviews industry.