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Meet the Team: Csongor Gyuricza from Technology

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Meet the Team is a recurring series on the PowerReviews blog, allowing you to get to know the people behind our success.

This week, we sat down with Csongor Gyuricza, a Site Reliability Engineer on our Technology team in San Francisco, to get the scoop on how his team makes sure our systems are always running properly, what he likes about his job, and his favorite things about working in our San Francisco Office. 

Csongor Gyuricza

How long have you been at PowerReviews?
I first joined PowerReviews in 2008. I took a break from work after a few years and traveled to Europe. When I came back, PowerReviews offered me another job and I accepted it and have been enjoying working here ever since. Before working at PowerReviews, I was a software engineer for a large consulting company and worked to create websites for companies like SonyStyle and Verizon. 

Tell us about your role at PowerReviews.
I am part of the technology team and I release the code that the developers write to our dozens of servers across the country. I am also responsible for making sure our systems are operating 24×7 and that they scale with demand.

What’s your favorite thing about working at PowerReviews?
My favorite thing about working for PowerReviews is that we embrace new technologies and are encouraged to try new things which keeps life exciting. I also love that we are in a growth phase which creates very interesting technical challenges.

What’s your favorite thing about the San Francisco office?
The San Francisco office is a bit smaller and quieter than our main office in Chicago, and I like that because it allows me to be very focused and productive. If I want to reach out to my colleagues in Chicago, I can use one of the many big TVs to talk to them via video conference.

Also, our office in located in the heart of San Francisco so there are excellent choices for restaurants, shopping and entertainment.

What’s a fun fact people might not know about you?
Not everyone knows that I am a “global person”. I was born in Austria, my parents are Hungarian and I grew up in Brazil. Then I moved to the US in 2004. I also speak Hungarian, which is a very rare language, only spoken by, well, Hungarians.


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