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Meet the Team: Erik Skurka from Product Management

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Meet the Team is a recurring series on the PowerReviews blog, allowing you to get to know the people behind our success.

We recently sat down with Erik Skurka, our Vice President of Product Management, to learn why he joined PowerReviews, what gets him excited to come to work everyday, and what he’s up to when he’s not in the office.


What are your areas of responsibility at PowerReviews?
I lead Product Management and Data Science efforts at PowerReviews. Product is a unique beast where we get to wear multiple hats and context switch every hour. On a daily basis, our team gets to observe, collaborate, and learn from our customers as well as nearly every function within PowerReviews.

Where were you before joining PowerReviews?
I was part of the Product team at here in Chicago, helping drive shopper-first user experiences up and down the car shopping funnel. It was a great couple of years of learning from and growing the team before an eventual sale in the Summer of 2014 to Gannett Media for $2.5B.

Why did you decide to join PowerReviews?
The combination of the product and the people. Nearly everyone uses ratings and reviews to make decisions throughout their day, and helping drive that user experience and technology forward felt like a worthy cause. And it sounds cliche, but the people here at PowerReviews are second to none. They’re the kind of people you can work with side by side all day long, and then go grab a pint with at the end of the day.

What’s your favorite thing about working at PowerReviews?
The work hard, play hard mentality. We’re definitely in hyper-growth mode, so you can’t be afraid of hard work. But with hard work comes growth (both as an individual, and for the company). I equate the velocity of learning and growth here at 3-4 times a normal company, and that’s great for everyone involved.

What’s something someone might not know about you?
I participate as a fundraiser almost every year in an outing called “Hundred Hole Hike” to raise money for Evans Scholars Foundation, an organization that awards college scholarships to caddies with limited financial means. The goal is to walk and play at least 100 holes of golf in one day. During my last attempt, I completed 132 holes (about 40 miles) and raised over $2,000.


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