Meet the Team: Robin Simkins from Client Success

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Meet the Team is a recurring series on the PowerReviews blog, allowing you to get to know the people behind our success.

We recently sat down with Robin Simkins, our Senior Vice President of Client Success, to chat about how she came to her role at PowerReviews, her strategy of mentoring team members, and why her love of a cause may merge well with her love of travel.


What brought you to the area of Client Services in general, and to PowerReviews specifically?
I studied law, and always loved the writing and communications aspect of it…soon after graduation I stumbled into marketing, and had the opportunity to start working in business development, brand positioning, client relationships and more.

When I interviewed with PowerReviews, everyone from the CEO on had a reverence, a respect for each other and the client. This company culture is unlike anything I’ve ever seen – starting with Precious Witherspoon, our Office Manager and Executive Assistant. PowerReviews’ spirited level of engagement regarding work and play is inspiring, and matches my own belief in client empathy bordering on client obsession. The high energy provides both a very effective and productive environment, while making the work enjoyable and rewarding for all involved.

How do you think PowerReviews’ platform helps to ensure the success of your clients?
I love data – well I should clarify that I dislike running data, but I love reading and analyzing it. How that data is organized is what matters. A 1- to 5-star rating really makes that clear – to my client and to the consumer. The information we provide empowers data-based decision-making, which impacts revenue and more. A real win-win.

You’ve managed many people over the years for virtually every job held – how do you nurture talent?
I truly love this part of the job – my chief strategy is to hire really smart people, and then empower them to make the decisions. Transparency is so important. I want our clients to know they can trust their Client Success Director to be the only person they need, who will understand them, be proactive and will go to bat for them.

I saw you travelled a lot, spent a college semester aboard a ship sailing around the world, and speak a few languages. How does travel fit in your life now?
I love meeting new people and understanding other cultures. I have a big family and we travel quite a bit domestically but our favorite trip [with husband George (47), daughter Joelie (12) and son William (10)] was to Costa Rica. We hope to experience even more international adventures as a family. Also, as my LinkedIn profile suggests, I’m only restaurant proficient in other languages, but if you’re like me   words I’ve never said: I missed lunch today it works. We choose destinations based on the native language being something other than English (although Australia/New Zealand remain on the list). It may be a coincidence but my band of choice, The Grateful Dead, also afforded a good deal of travel opportunities. But for that, I may never have seen Akron, and it’s fabulous.

You’ve done volunteer work, served on several boards. Do you have a favorite cause?
I truly believe the S.O.U.L. Foundation in Uganda should win the Nobel Peace Prize. Everything starts with education, and the foundation’s way of encouraging education, women’s empowerment and food security is most effective. My dream would be for this model to be replicated around the world – and maybe I’d travel to some of these places to see this in action!


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