Post Purchase Email Best Practices Part 2: Design

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Are you curious how your post purchase emails stack up? On average, customers see a 3.6% conversion rate on emails sent to reviews written. But the top 10% of brands and retailers see a 7.7% conversion rate. The good news is, by implementing some industry-tested best practices, you can potentially double your review collection from post purchase emails.

Last week, we discussed ways to improve the content of your post purchase emails. This week, we’ll focus on some design do’s and don’ts that can help you improve the performance of your post purchase emails.

Do: Keep it Simple
Keep the design of your post purchase emails clean and simple, with the important elements in the upper portion of the email whenever possible. That way, shoppers will quickly understand the call to action, even if they don’t scroll through the entire email.

In addition, avoid banners, links and other promotions that will distract shoppers from writing a review.

Don’t: Use a Small Font
Using small fonts can cause your customers to squint and struggle and potentially miss the value of your follow up message. Because more than half of people are reading their email on a mobile device, it’s important to use a readable font size. A 16 or 18 point font size will make your email easy to read — regardless of the device your shoppers use.

Do: Use a Single Column Format
Your multi-column email format might look beautiful on a desktop browser, but there’s a good chance it’ll get awkwardly broken up on a mobile device, resulting in something that’s difficult to read and engage with. Use a single column layout so the email scales down nicely on mobile devices and your customers aren’t forced to forced to pinch, zoom and scroll to see the entire message.

Don’t: Bury the “Write a Review” Action
The easier you make it for your customers, the more likely they are to write a review. Make the “Write a Review” action stand out by including an image of the product you want the customer to review, along with a button that takes him to the Write a Review form. And remember — people are using their finger (not a mouse) on their mobile devices. So avoid tiny links and opt for larger buttons instead.

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