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Compete with Amazon and Win

How Authentic User Generated Content Generates Trust and Sales, Online and In-Store

Amazon is a market leader in almost every capacity. Amazon accounted for almost half of all 2016 online holiday sales and is continuing to gain market share. It is the global shopping destination of choice and retailers are under no illusion about the competition they face.

Retailers are asking themselves if they can replicate Amazon’s success. PowerReviews conducted a survey of more than 1,000 US shoppers to understand the factors that contribute to Amazon’s dominance.

  • How the majority of consumers are using retailer sites as a shop window before being tempted over to Amazon to make a purchase
  • How Amazon establishes trust with shoppers throughout the entire shopping journey
  • How the majority of consumers are irritated by poor product descriptions when they’re researching online
  • Amazon’s ability to provide perks to the buyer to sweeten the sale

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