Fast answers from product owners and experts improve conversions. Social answers provides flexible question queues which route questions to the right source, and moderation services ensure only approved social content is posted to your product pages. This social content also becomes a permanent SEO asset on your product page that can guide future buyers.

  • Increase sales with fast answers

    Social Answers converts more customers by answering questions within 24 hours, the crucial time period that determines the success of turning browsers into buyers.

  • Increase social content and traffic with permanent SEO asset

    PowerReviews is the only provider to index Q&A content, increasing keyword density, and improving relevance and freshness of your content for search engines such as Google and Bing.

  • Complete control

    Ensure that questions get to the right source for answers with flexible, intelligent routing.  Moderation services ensure that you are in control of what gets posted to your site.

* Social Answers™ is in beta.

  • Multiple answer sources

    Choose from the right mix of internal subject matter experts, verified buyers and crowdsourced answers from hand-picked subject matter experts to meet your needs.

  • Intelligent routing queues

    Questions are routed to the most qualified source based on flexible business rules that you define.

  • Answer verification

    Ensure that correct answers are delivered from from manufacturers, past purchasers and product specialists.

  • In-Line SEO®

    Our patented In-Line SEO approach increases keyword density and improves relevance and freshness of your content on your product page and drives significant improvements in organic traffic directly on your product page.

  • Expert moderation

    PowerReviews 3 level moderation process, refined over 6 years, allows our clients to generated more volume by suppressing inappropriate content while retaining the answer.

  • Virtual FAQ

    A virtual FAQ is created as questions and answers appear on your product pages.

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