Social Discovery drives traffic from social networks to your site by providing personalized content that drives more clicks. Your customers can not only broadcast their social content, but discover new, relevant products with personalized product updates and trusted endorsements from their friends and the community while in their social network of choice.

  • Get in front of new audiences

    Get in front of new audiences - on a massive scale - by empowering customers to advocate your products to friends and connections.

  • Drive personalized content about your products into social networks

    Offering customers updates on products, categories, and reviewers of interest enables your company to push relevant and recent social content directly into their social networks.

  • Pull traffic from social networks like Facebook

    By providing highly relevant and timely information into your customers' social networks, you significantly improve the volume and quality of traffic your site gets from social networks.

  • Facebook OnSite broadcasts reviews across the open graph

    Facebook OnSite enables customers to share their social content on Facebook, driving your message to like-minded buyers and clicks back to your site.

  • Follow a category pushes your high-impact products to social networks

    Your customers can choose to get daily updates on new and trending products.  This content is selected by PowerReviews proprietary algorithm, while giving you the ability to select the parameters to control the experience.

  • Follow a reviewer

    As their favorite reviewers post new content, your customers will get this content in their Facebook News Feeds and email inboxes.

  • Follow a product

    As new content is posted about preferred products, your customers will get this new content in their Facebook feed and email.

  • Get advice from friends

    Customers can seek help from friends, posting a purchase question or poll to their friends’ Facebook News Feeds.

  • Comment on a review

    Customers can share or comment on social content on their social networks.

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