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Why PowerReviews?

Drive Sales Wtih Syndicated Reviews

Expand Your Reach

With the fastest, most accurate product matching in the industry, PowerReviews Syndication improves the visibility and reach of content to boost online and in-store sales.

More Reviews

  • Our post-purchase messages, Social Loyalty rewards, and an on-demand community of more than 200,000 reviewers generates more reviews.
  • PowerReviews’ Open Syndication Network– the industry’s largest– extends the reach of your user-generated content to Google, 2,500 retailers and more than 700 million in-market shoppers every month.

Better Insights

  • Easily measure ROI through our Social Measurement reports.
  • Get access to 80+ out of the box reports and easily create custom reports through drag and drop.


  • Our unified product catalog allows us to syndicate authentic content in hours rather than weeks.
  • Our lightweight display code is optimized for mobile, which decreases load times—an essential feature for mobile shoppers’ user experiences.
  • From the first conversation to continued, personalized support, you’ll see that we’re really easy to work with. If there’s ever a problem, just contact our client success team—don’t submit a ticket and wait.

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