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Amplify The Trust You’ve Earned with Seller Ratings

Install Seller Ratings today and start gathering feedback from your customers tomorrow

It’s possible to achieve a 100% increase in click-through rates with Seller Ratings.


Approved 3rd Party of Google

PowerReviews is one of only a handful of partners that can syndicate Seller Ratings to Google.

Increase Your Review Generation

PowerReviews will solicit, collect, and moderate star ratings and reviews on your behalf for syndication to Google.

Amplify Your Presence on Google

Once your company reaches 30+ reviews and you turn on stars in your Google AdWords, your score will then appear in Google search and stars will appear next to your ads.

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Increase Organic Traffic

Generate more relevant traffic and increase click through rates with star ratings in your Google ads.

Increase Buyer Confidence

Ratings provide trust and transparency, which will increase your conversion rates and effectiveness of your advertising.

Extend Your Reach

Broaden the reach of your content through Google syndication.

Unify Your Data

Access data and feedback about your products and customer experiences through one dashboard.