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Syndicate Product Review Content with PowerReviews

Reach consumers at the moment of purchase

PowerReviews’ Open Network extends the reach of your user-generated content to Google, 2,500 retailers and more than 700 million in-market shoppers every month.

For Brands . . .

Do you have passionate fans of your brand? Spread the goodwill generated on your website to a vast network of 2,500 major retailers and search engines to gain maximum visibility.

. . . and Retailers

Let’s keep customers on your website. Give your customers more confidence as they shop by building out your product reviews with authentic, user-generated content from brands you already carry on your site.

Access Even More Content

Access more than 600,000 high-quality product reviews from, a site owned and operated by PowerReviews. You can also activate the hundreds of thousands of on-demand Viewpoints community members to generate targeted reviews for syndication.


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