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3 Ways to Improve Your Review Submission Rate

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Reading product reviews has become an essential part of a consumer’s decision making process. No marketing material is more credible than authentic user generated content. 88% of consumers trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Online reviews create credibility, as well. When a product without reviews adds at least one review, there’s an average of an 108% increase in site traffic.

The best way to increase review volume is through a post purchase email program. Creating a post purchase email program increases site traffic, conversion and customer lifetime value by generating a high volume of review content. A strong post purchase program is automated and personalized. The consumer should receive a prompt to provide product feedback two to three weeks after the product’s delivery. Your email also should be specific to the consumer’s purchase — if they bought a sofa, build the email design and copy around their beautiful new sofa. Don’t ask for a review about furniture in general.

Okay, okay. I’ll stop. You know all of this already — you’re reading the PowerReviews blog! You already have a robust post purchase program, but you want to continue to drive review submissions.

Below are three ways to further optimize your post purchase email program.

1. Make Your Review Email Interactive

Interactivity now allows subscribers to complete the review within the inbox on desktop and mobile, rather than clicking out of the email and onto the website. In-email review functionality makes it easier for the consumer to share their thoughts.

Star rating, dropdowns, checkboxes and text inputs are available interactive elements. By allowing subscribers to complete their review in the inbox, companies have seen submission rates double.

2. Simplify Your Questions

Combine interactivity with NPS survey elements to create a personalized experience.

In this example, the second step of the review changes based on the consumer’s selection. If she selects a higher number, she’s asked to provide more information. If she selects a lower number, the copy changes to match the tone of her experience.

All in-email behavior in an interactive email is tracked. If a subscriber selects a happy face, but does not complete the second step, you are able to create a follow up email based on the first selection.

3. Let Your Customers Help Each Other

Build a community by allowing shoppers to help each other out. This interactive email example allows consumers to answer frequently asked questions without leaving their inbox. These experiences help consumers with the product discovery process, while making some consumers feel like experts.

Interactivity augments the post purchase review experience by creating a two-way style communication between the brand and the consumer. Interactivity increases review submission rates by allowing subscribers to complete their review without any friction.

To learn more about interactivity, check out

PowerReviews and Rebel now have a tech-free integration that can have you up and running with interactive reviews in days. As a PowerReviews customer, you can use Rebel to boost your review volume with a painless set up.


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