5 Ways to Leverage Ratings & Reviews

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Earlier this month, I was joined by Dave Munro, Director of Marketing Services at Registria, during our monthly PowerReviews webinar, to discuss the top actions brands and retailers can take to generate and leverage user-generated content such as ratings and reviews.

In a previous post, I recapped five of the tips we shared during the webinar that can help brands and retailers generate more ratings and reviews. In this blog, I’ll share five tips for leveraging those ratings and reviews to get your content in front of more shoppers and increase your traffic and conversion.

1. Display reviews throughout your site.
Displaying reviews on your product pages is a great start, but don’t stop there. Look for opportunities to feature reviews on other parts of your website, too. For example, when Mother’s Day is approaching, feature your top rated gifts for mom on your homepage. Or, build landing pages that feature top rated products in a specific category, such as top rating men’s products or top rating women’s products.

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2. Include reviews in digital marketing initiatives.
Think about ways you can integrate reviews into your digital marketing initiatives, including email, display, and social media advertising. For example, let’s say you’re a baby products brand, running a Facebook targeted at expecting parents for a crib. Include the item’s star rating in the ad. Or, put together an email campaign for your customers that includes a roundup of that month’s top rated cribs. 

3. Enhance traditional print advertising with reviews.
If you run traditional print advertising, consider ways you can enhance your campaigns with ratings and reviews. For example, Duluth Trading Company, a PowerReviews customer, promotes the fact that their Buck Naked Underwear product has more than 12,000 5-star reviews by including this stat in various advertising campaigns.

Usine reviews in advertisement - Duluth

4. Add reviews to in-store signage.
PowerReviews research found that 70% of consumers are interested in accessing product ratings and reviews while shopping in-store. Take a page from Amazon’s book and include the star rating and written review for products you sell in your brick and mortar stores.

Using online reviews in a store - Amazon Store Shelves

5. Syndicate your reviews to retailer sites.
Brands can syndicate reviews to retailers to get their content in front of more consumers. And retailers can receive syndicated content from brands to improve their review coverage, without having to collect the content themselves.

One PowerReviews customer, a leading shoe brand, has collected over 65,000 reviews using PowerReviews. We’ve helped them syndicate their reviews to more than 5,000 product pages, and that content has been seen nearly a half million times in the last 3 months across our network. That plays a huge impact in driving sales throughout their retail channels.

Missed the webinar with Registria? Watch the on-demand session today.


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