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Announcement: PowerReviews Digital Summit Keynote Speakers

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inaugural PowerReviews Digital Commerce Summit is just a month and a half away, and I couldn’t be more excited. The Summit, which will be held May 3-4 in Chicago, is going to be one and a half days packed with lots of opportunities for PowerReviews clients to network and learn ecommerce, retail and digital marketing insights and best practices. Attendees are sure to leave with plenty of practical takeaways to generate more reviews and expand the reach of that content to drive ecommerce traffic and sales.

Transparency, Authenticity and Trust: The Role of Information and Opinion in Culture and Commerce
The theme of the Summit is the Transparency Economy, an economy in which individuals are empowered with authentic user generated content to make better decisions in all aspects of their lives.

We’ll be kicking off the event with a keynote that will include a lineup of amazing speakers that will discuss the role of information and opinion in culture and commerce. Each speaker will present for 15 minutes, then will join a panel discussion that will provide an opportunity for audience members to get their questions answered. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from:

Roxanne Roberts
Roxanne is a reporter for the Washington Post, covering the White House and Washington, DC happenings for nearly 30 years. She’s also a regular panelist on the popular NPR quiz show, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

Opinion and emotion are replacing facts and reason in much of public discourse. Roxanne will kick off the keynote by exploring how consumers get the information they need to make decisions and form beliefs.

James Rubec
James is currently the Product Marketing Manager, Insights, at Cision, where he leads big data analysis projects to find not only what people discuss but to understand what motivates these discussions and why people take the actions they do.

With social media and reviews becoming mainstream, everyone has become a publisher, expressing their ideas, opinions, and most importantly, emotions. James will discuss the revolution of consumer feedback and how user-generated content is becoming a more powerful data source than polls, focus groups, and other, more traditional forms of feedback collection.

Paul Rand
Paul  is the founder, president and CEO of Zócalo Group, now a part of Critical Mass/Omnicom Group and author of Highly Recommended.

Paul will wrap up the keynote by discussing how the explosive growth of UGC provides feedback on public and private organizations that are shaping individual and corporate perceptions. He’ll share breakthrough insights and best practices to help your brand become the most discovered, talked about and recommended in its category.

Register for the PowerReviews Digital Commerce Summit Today
Curious what else is in store for the inaugural PowerReviews Digital Commerce Summit? Check out the full agenda and register today to benefit from Early Bird pricing. I hope to see you this May in Chicago!

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