A Note From the CEO: Major Milestones in the Evolution of the Open Network

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In March 2017, PowerReviews announced the extension and expansion of the Open Network to ensure the open and competitive syndication of product reviews collected on brand sites and syndicated to leading e-commerce retailer sites. At the time, many of the largest retailers and brands publicly committed to participating because they recognized that an open network would offer more competitive pricing, greater innovation and more opportunities for brands of all sizes to participate in review syndication.

Now, just over 12 months later, PowerReviews is pleased to announce several additional milestones that reinforce the benefits of the Open Network.

Greater innovation through the Open Network

  • In January 2018, PowerReviews announced the ability to syndicate Q&A content, and native and social visual content like images and video, capabilities that were not previously available to brands and retailers.  
  • In February 2018, PowerReviews announced the availability of Brand Engage, a service that allows brands to respond to reviews and answer questions on retailer sites. For the first time, brands are now able to pre-seed questions to anticipate what questions shoppers might have about their products. In the first 60 days alone, more than 100 brands have signed up and answered thousands of shopper questions on their retail partners’ sites. We expect to have thousands of brands sign up this year.
  • In March 2018, PowerReviews began rolling out next-generation moderation capabilities that allow moderators to make more detailed observations about review content. Observations can determine publication and sharing rules to accommodate the regulatory, privacy and authenticity needs of our customers.
  • In April 2018, PowerReviews introduced our cutting edge Product Knowledge Graph to power the next-generation of Artificial Intelligence product matching algorithms that address the rapid rate of change with product catalogs, and the need to match to related products and address data quality issues. Overall, brands who work with PowerReviews have experienced an 80% increase in products matched and 13% lift in total number of reviews syndicated.
  • In May 2018, PowerReviews announced the availability of new and improved review and image sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • In June 2018, PowerReviews made available Social Suite, a new product that helps clients pull in images in from social media, map them to specific products and request user permission to use the image and syndicate those images to retailers across the Open Network.

Greater participation opportunities for brands of all sizes

  • PowerReviews has recently reached the milestone of 800+ major brands syndicating content across the Open Network. 395 of those brands joined in the last 12 months, at the rate of more than one new brand added to the Open Network each day. Those 800+ brands are now collecting, displaying and syndicating reviews to more than one billion monthly shoppers across the Open Network.
  • Hundreds of the world’s largest e-commerce retailers accounting for $90 billion in e-commerce sales, representing nearly 50% of the non Amazon e-commerce market and approximately 80% of the retail market currently accepting syndication have signed direct syndication agreements and are actively syndicating content (reviews, images, video and questions & answers) from brands using PowerReviews.
  • More than 100 major brands participated in the PowerReviews’ Sampling + Syndication program that offers brands the opportunity to distribute samples to consumers to write reviews that are then syndicated to more than one billion shoppers across the Open Network.

Greater market benefits thanks to competition

  • In January 2018, PowerReviews announced the elimination of access fees, which ended a practice that made review syndication cost prohibitive for thousands of brands, and hurt retailers by limiting the amount of review content that could be syndicated to their e-commerce sites. PowerReviews will also accept syndicated reviews directly from brands using 3rd party reviews providers. Eliminating cost-prohibitive access fees for brands will lead to significant increases in the amount of reviews available to retailers in the Open Network.

In conclusion, we’re proud of the progress and milestones achieved around the Open Network. PowerReviews will continue to stand by our commitment to brands and retailers, and drive competition, innovation, and choice in our industry — in pursuit of a better, and more open network for all.

For more information please see our Open Syndication Network position paper and fill out this form to learn more. For current clients, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Client Success Director.

Thank you,

Matt Moog

Matt Moog

CEO Matt Moog has more than 20 years of experience scaling technology companies, both public and private. He has launched several successful startups, hired hundreds of employees and raised over $200 million in outside investment. Matt is passionate about entrepreneurism and the transformative role that technology can play in our lives, especially when it allows people to share their experiences and brings transparency and accountability to all facets of life.