Meet the Team: Andrew Abeto from Implementation

PowerReviews team in meeting featured image

Meet the Team is a recurring series on the PowerReviews blog, allowing you to get to know the people behind our success.

We recently sat down with Andrew Abeto, a member of our Implementation team, to learn about the key role his team plays in getting brands and retailers up and running on the PowerReviews platform, why he loves his job, and why ice cream holds a special place in his heart.


Where were you before joining PowerReviews?
I’ve been at PowerReviews for a year and a half. Before PowerReviews, I worked in the financial industry for nearly 7 years with my last stint working in JP Morgan’s treasury division. I was an implementation project manager where I worked with a portfolio of multinational Fortune 500 companies managing multiple, complex integrations on our treasury platform solution.

Tell us about your team and your role at PowerReviews
I manage the Chicago implementation group which supports client integrations across the U.S. and in Europe (we have a San Francisco group as well). My team consists of implementation project managers and engineers. They work jointly to support our clients’ integrations by managing the project lifecycle, meeting project milestones, and supporting the technical integration with the goal of getting our clients up and running to quickly begin collecting user-generated content to drive sales.

What’s the best part about working at PowerReviews?
The people, culture, and work environment. As I mentioned before, I came from the world of finance, and well, everything was pretty conservative and quite formal. Since coming here, that work environment took a complete turn. The moment you walk through the door, there is a tremendous amount of energy, passion, and drive for what we do. It’s cliche, but true — we work hard, and play hard. Everyone here does what is needed to make sure our clients are happy and love our product as much as we do. Above that, we know how to take a break, enjoy those that we work with, and do it all over a nice cold beer!

What’s been one of your favorite projects while working at PowerReviews?
One of the coolest projects that I have been a part of was the development of a new implementation approach for our corporate clients. After several months of gathering implementation data, we discovered that getting value to our clients with our core products, quicker, was an implementation approach that needed to evolve. Today, we now offer a ‘Core Value’ implementation approach that focuses on getting our clients collecting and displaying user generated content within 30 days or less.

What’s something people might not know about you?
I was a Navy kid growing up and lived in Keflavik, Iceland for 3 years. Also, my family bleeds ice cream as we’ve been in the Dairy Queen business for over 40 years.