Meet the Team: Susan Eckman from Legal

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Meet the Team is a recurring series on the PowerReviews blog, allowing you to get to know the people behind our success.

We recently caught up with Susan Eckman to learn about her role as Legal Counsel, and to hear about her favorite PowerReviews moments so far.

How long have you been with the PowerReviews team?
I’ve been with the company since June 2016.

Tell us about your (growing!) team and your role at PowerReviews.
Being in-house counsel means I get to work with different PowerReviews departments on a daily basis to help them meet their business goals, while making sure we are in compliance with any applicable laws, rules, contractual obligations, etc. One thing I focus on, when working with the different departments, is knowing why we want to do something. Once I know the why, the majority of the time, I can help people get to their end goal (or at least close to it).

In September, Gina joined the legal team as a paralegal and I am so thankful to have her! Her strong work ethic, attention to detail, and desire and ability to learn things quickly have made her an invaluable part of the team.

What’s the best part of your job, as Legal Counsel?
Getting to work with smart and passionate people everyday. Since everyone needs legal at some point, I get to know every department. It’s amazing how talented our teams are.

Can you tell us about one of your favorite PowerReviews moments?
Our 2016 holiday party was amazing! Also the day finance “adopted” me as one of their own (even though I hate dealing with numbers), that was pretty fantastic as well.

Do you have any hidden talents we might not know about?
I played volleyball at Clemson University. Go Tigers!