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Interview with an Expert: Mike Lombard on Social Measurement

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‘Interview with an Expert’ is a recurring series on the PowerReviews blog.

We sat down with our Head of Reporting and Analytics in the Chicago office, Mike Lombard, to discuss Social Measurement and more importantly, why you should be using the checkout beacon.

PowerReviews: To start things off, can you give us a quick description of Social Measurement?
Mike Lombard: Social Measurement is a program PowerReviews uses to track consumers’ user behavior on our clients’ product pages and checkout pages. The Social Measurement program includes review display trackers and a checkout beacon.

PR: What data can you collect from the review display trackers?
ML: We include tracking in our review display on every product page, regardless of whether or not there are reviews on that page. So when a customer lands on a product page, we’ll know it. Through the trackers we also know when a consumer actually scrolls down to the reviews, which we call a ‘View.’ If they click anywhere in the reviews to read more or sort we also track that, which we call ‘Engage.’ Finally, if they spend a certain amount of time looking at reviews, we track that as ‘Read Reviews.’ With this data, we know how many people visited a product page, how many of those people viewed reviews, how many engaged with the reviews and how many people read a review. All of this helps our clients better understand the impact reviews can have on their business.

PR: How are you able to capture this data from consumers?
ML: We embed a tracker in our own displays to initiate tracking.  No integration is involved on our clients’ end. Once clients begin using our solution, the review display beacon automatically begins collecting data.

While the information captured through the review display trackers are extremely useful for clients, we also have a checkout beacon to capture data around purchases.

PR: Can you explain the checkout beacon in a little more detail?
ML: We embed the checkout beacon on every stage of the purchase journey. Through the beacon, we know the precise purchase that a consumer makes. This includes the amount of items they bought and the cost of those items. When clients have the checkout beacon turned on, they can capture data around the impact of reviews on conversions.

PR: Can you tell us a little more about the data clients can expect to collect with the checkout beacon?
ML: The checkout beacon is an invaluable tool to see how reviews are impacting conversion rates. We are able to track a user from the second they land on a product page to the time they actually make a purchase. When we link the checkout data with the review display data I mentioned earlier, we can provide our clients with some pretty interesting information. For example, we can tell you the conversion rate of consumers who engaged with reviews and compare that with people who didn’t even view a review. We can also show the average order volume of people who viewed reviews as it compares to people who read reviews.  The data is a powerful tool to demonstrate the ROI from using the PowerReviews solution.  

One of our clients using the checkout beacon has data to support more than a 115% increase in conversion rates attributed to customers engaging with reviews.

PR: Any other benefits to using the checkout beacon, besides proving ROI and conversion increases?
ML: When clients have the checkout beacon turned on, we can collect their conversion data or order history to send Post Purchase Emails without having them send us a product feed.  Today, some of our clients have to manually send us an order feed, which is essentially a list of emails, products purchased by a consumer, and what day they purchased it. Once we have this data, we send a Post Purchase Email to ask the consumer to write a review. With our checkout beacon, we can collect that information automatically and our clients will never need to send us an order feed again.

Clients can also subscribe customers to their Ask a Product Owner programs, if they’re using Social Answers.

PR: How can clients turn on their checkout beacon if they haven’t already done so?
ML: PowerReviews clients looking to capture conversion data and the impact of reviews should contact their Client Success Director or Community Manager.  

We also have partnered with tag management systems Tealium, Signal, and Ensighten to make the checkout beacon implementation faster and easier than ever.  When clients are using one of our tag manager partners, the checkout beacon can be up and running in an hour.

Have more questions about Social Measurement?  Leave your questions in the comments below and Mike will be more than happy to answer them.

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