New Google Shopping User-Generated Content Feature & What It Means for PowerReviews 

Google Shopping Feature With UGC featured image

There’s no way to sugar-coat the statistics–consumers simply trust one another over brands.

But to make it easier for consumers to find trusted user-generated content, Google Shopping released its newest feature, which showcases user-generated content visuals within review content.

This new pilot program provides brands and retailers with a better way to collect and display user-generated content images for Google Shopping Ads. By displaying visuals from shoppers just like themselves, consumers are encouraged to click, buy and trust the brands they see on Google Shopping.

As the program kicks off, PowerReviews is excited to learn with Google on the power of user-generated content in reviews. With our partnership, PowerReviews will work as a trusted aggregator of data for Google.

The best part for PowerReviews clients is the pilot program is free to join and takes no action to get started. With the partnership, we simply want to provide our customers with a better avenue to display user-generated content and visuals.

Why Visuals Are So Valuable in the Path to Purchase

When consumers shop on your site, they want to trust that the product they see, is what they’ll get. By exceeding shopper expectations with visuals, you give consumers the confidence to make a purchase.

In fact, the PowerReviews Snapshot for Ecommerce report found 63% of U.S. shoppers actually seek out user-generated content and authentic “verified” consumer reviews when making a purchase. What’s even more telling is that this buyer confidence method isn’t just a younger generational fad.

PowerReviews Snapshot for Ecommerce visual content graph

The data from the same report showed while 58% of 18-29 year olds believe it’s important or very important to see user-generated content on product pages, 42% of all age demographics also agree.

No matter the type of shopper, visuals help increase confidence and provide more authenticity when its coming from previous buyers.

The Benefits of SEO & Getting Content Seen

Shoppers use Google for a lot of things. But more often than not, it’s used to find your product in the first place. And for many, the search isn’t the hard part–it’s making the decision on the actual purchase.

Kit Kat Search Results SEO product discovery example

With the new visual content display in Google Shopping, customers will be more inclined to click on ratings and reviews that include this visual content. This means your product pages with user-generated content have a much better chance at appearing in the search results.

However, with user-generated content visuals in your reviews, you also drive organic traffic numbers as visual cues increase click-through rates through SEO best practices. These visuals not only help brands and retailers drive organic clicks, but also through ads.

Giving consumers product visuals they trust helps you maximize the cost of your ad spend. This also helps you get the most out of each listing.

How It Works for PowerReviews Customers

For our customers using the Visual and Social Suite, there’s already an easy way to collect and display user-generated content across your product pages. Additionally, our post-purchase emails help collect these visuals from authentic customers while their experience is still fresh in mind.

visual and social suite SEO graphic

User-generated images are approved and published through PowerReviews. Then we automatically feed the content to Google to rank for your products on Google Shopping. After consumers click on the star ratings on a Shopping Ad, they are sent to the product listing page.

The process is easy. It allows your customer’s visual content to display with their reviews to increase confidence when making a purchase. We’re excited to learn with Google and hope you are too!

Alex York

Alex York is the Content and SEO Marketing Manager at PowerReviews. Catch him hunting down the perfect gin cocktail in Chicago or endlessly scrolling through Netflix. Follow him on Twitter at @alexjyork.