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Speedway Motors partners with PowerReviews to answer purchase-blocking questions from consumers and collect high volumes of review content

Speedway Motors is America’s oldest speed shop and a trusted source for hot rod and racing parts. Speedway Motors has been a PowerReviews client since 2015, using products including Ratings & Reviews, the Collect email and Questions & Answers.

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Partnering with PowerReviews

Over the past year, Speedway has worked with their PowerReviews Client Success Director to collect more than 15,200 reviews, with more than 96% of those pieces of content originating  from the Collect email, an email that is sent to shoppers asking them to review recently purchased products.

In addition to collecting reviews, Speedway Motors uses Q&A to answer purchase-blocking questions from shoppers. To date, more than 12,000 questions have been asked on the Speedway Motors website and 100% of those questions have been answered by members of the Speedway Motors team.

Making the Switch to PowerReviews

Speedway Motors understands that reviews are important for conversion, traffic and overall sales. When their previous ratings and reviews provider stopped meeting their expectations, they began their search for a new partner. They ultimately decided to switch to PowerReviews.

Kelly Baer, the ecommerce project manager at Speedway Motors, said the transition to PowerReviews was easy and seamless.

“The [PowerReviews] staff was very helpful, quick and responsive. We were really happy that we decided to transition,” said Baer.

Speedway Motors consistently works with the PowerReviews client success team to collect more content across more product pages.

“[The client success team is] always telling us best practices and they’re helping us learn as much as we are suggesting things to them. It’s been a really great process so far,” said Baer.

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““The [PowerReviews] staff was very helpful, quick and responsive. We were really happy that we decided to transition."”

- Kelly Baer, ecommerce Project Manager