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Webinar: June Customer Update

Learn more about the impact and value the Product Knowledge Graph drives, which combines artificial and human intelligence to help clients dynamically (and instantaneously) syndicate reviews at a global scale across the Open Network. PowerReviews’ cutting-edge Product Knowledge Graph is the first of its kind in the reviews industry and has been proven to share more reviews across retailer and brand product catalogs.

Our VP of Client Success Jessica Teji and Chief Technology Officer David Hummel will discuss:

  • The traditional approach to review syndication, as it exists today
  • The advantage of AI and the Product Knowledge Graph
  • A demo of the Product Knowledge Graph and its impact on review syndication


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Featured Presenters

Jessica Teji | VP, Client Success

As Vice President of Client Success at PowerReviews, Jessica Teji leads the Client Success team in partnering with leading brands and retailers to ensure client satisfaction and maximum value from the PowerReviews platform. Jessica brings more than 10 years of experience in implementing client success initiatives across a spectrum of industries. Prior to joining PowerReviews, Jessica served as a Relationship Manager at BlackRock, a leading asset manager, focusing on client experience in connection with the company’s risk and trading solutions.


David Hummel | Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Dave recruits and directs the team of talented engineers, architects and automation experts responsible for the technology products and services run by PowerReviews. Dave’s teams continuously release new and exciting SaaS products, including real-time web services in the cloud and direct delivery of interactive web content on thousands of ecommerce websites. Before joining PowerReviews, Dave led a product and development team at OpTier, a SaaS company focused on contextual big data. While at OpTier, he introduced software for businesses to visualize and experiment with high volume financial and business transactions. Before that, Dave spent 10 years consulting for many of the world’s largest merchants, banks and insurance companies, specializing in large scale web technologies.