A Year Later: PowerReviews Reveals Momentum Behind the Open Network

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CHICAGO – June 26, 2018 – PowerReviews, a leading provider of ratings, reviews and question and answer technology to more than 1,000 global brands and retailers, today announced significant milestones and updates regarding the Open Network, which enables the syndication of reviews collected on brand sites to leading e-commerce retailer sites. Reviews help consumers make better purchase decisions and help e-commerce brands and retailers increase traffic, conversion rates and sales.

The announcement of these network milestones marks one year since the establishment of an Open Network, when leading retailers and brands in the world accounting for more than $90 billion in online sales and $1 trillion in offline revenue, pledged their support and signed direct syndication agreements with PowerReviews. More than 800 brands are now participating in the Open Network.

“We have witnessed incredible growth and momentum around the Open Network over the last 12 months,” said Matt Moog, chief executive officer at PowerReviews. “Brands and retailers are unanimous in their call for an Open Network and the elimination of cost-prohibitive access fees for brands, and have reaffirmed their support by signing and operationalizing direct syndication relationships with PowerReviews.”

In the year since the establishment of the Open Network, PowerReviews has announced new products, innovations and commitments to benefit brands, retailers and consumers by increasing the amount of user-generated content available for syndication across the Open Network.

  • $90 Billion Retailer Network Operationalized: PowerReviews is actively syndicating ratings and reviews from brands to retailers on a variety of different reviews platforms across the Open Network, who in total account for $90 billion in online revenue.
  • 800+ Syndicating Brands, 395 Added in Last 12 Months: Since March 2017, PowerReviews has signed more than one new syndicating brand each day, who are now collecting, displaying and sharing reviews to billions of consumers across the Open Network.
  • Five New Content Types for Syndication: In January 2018, PowerReviews announced the ability to syndicate a variety of different user-generated content types independently like questions and answers, images, videos and merchant responses to reviews, along with moderating and syndicating content directly from both sampling programs and social media to retailers across the Open Network.
  • Elimination of Access Fees: PowerReviews has eliminated arbitrary and cost-prohibitive ‘access fees’ and tolls, which has made review syndication instantly affordable and possible for hundreds of brands, who have joined the Open Network since March 2017.
  • Industry-Leading Matching Services: PowerReviews has announced improved matching services, combining a first-of-its-kind AI powered Product Knowledge Graph and an industry-leading Content Operations Team to drive an 80% increase in products matched and 13% lift in total number of reviews syndicated for brands and retailers who work with PowerReviews.

About PowerReviews

PowerReviews works with more than 1,000 global brands and retailers to collect and syndicate user-generated content and feedback such as reviews, Q&A, images, video and more. Content is syndicated across The Open Network reaching more than one billion in-market shoppers every month. User-generated content gives shoppers confidence to make purchases, and delivers actionable insights to brands and retailers to improve products and services, and increases sales and conversion rates. For more information, visit www.powerreviews.com.