Friday May 22
12pm (EASTERN), 11am (CENTRAL)


What can you do in 30 minutes?

PowerReviews parents have been doing their best to balance the responsibilities of their job with the responsibilities of being a full time teacher/care-giver/butler/chef/referee/etc ever since this crisis began.


We know many of you are in the same boat and could probably use a little time back in your week. So we are launching PowerSitters, a webinar video broadcast geared towards kids ages 3-8.


During every PowerSitters session, a PowerReviews parent will read some of their children’s favorite books to your children via Zoom. This should keep them occupied and entertained for 30 minutes so you can get caught up on work.


The first session will be held on Friday, May 22 at 12:00 EST. We hope you’ll join us.


Join us for storytime

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