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Virtually all (97%) consumers depend on reviews to inform purchase decisions. That means it’s more important than ever to amplify the reach of your reviews to your retail partners across the web to reach your customers wherever they shop.


On average, retailers get 58% of their review content from syndication, which leads to higher impression and conversion rates for your product pages.

On any Reviews Platform

We share and syndicate authentic review content from brands to retailers, regardless of their review technology platform. We’ve pledged to continue to innovate and support the industry’s universal demand for an open network for all.

Thousands of Brands and Retailers Across Different Industries Participating Today

Five Ways the PowerReviews Open Network Increases Review Coverage:

Elimination of Access Fees Encourages Review Syndication
PowerReviews has eliminated arbitrary and cost-prohibitive ‘access fees’ to make review syndication possible for thousands of new brands.
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Greater Network Reach Amplifies the Impact of Reviews
PowerReviews actively syndicates reviews from hundreds of brands to hundreds of retailers reaching one billion consumers and impacting $90 billion in ecommerce sales.
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More Content (and Content Types) for Syndication
Benefit from a variety of different user-generated content types independently available for syndication. This includes questions and answers, images, videos and merchant responses to reviews, along with content directly from both sampling programs and social media through the Open Network.
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Better Matching Services Increase Review Coverage
PowerReviews finds more matches and dramatically increases total review coverage, with our industry leading technology proving over an 80% increase in products matched and a 13% lift in total number of reviews syndicated for brands and retailers who work with PowerReviews.
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Easy to Get Started
Direct syndication with brands and retailers on other review platforms is easy, with no access fees and a simple process.
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More content available for syndication than ever before

The PowerReviews Open Network offers a variety of different user-generated content types available for syndication to retailer sites for the first time. Explore syndication for questions and answers, images and video and merchant responses to reviews.

Why PowerReviews?

See how we give brands and retailers the opportunity to generate and syndicate more authentic content faster and easier than anyone else in the industry.


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