Mobile Optimization

Our fully-optimized mobile solutions are proven to increase the amount of product content generated from customers.

Optimize for Impact

Today’s shoppers are browsing and buying products from a variety of different devices. Make sure they can easily find the content they are seeking and also contribute content directly from their mobile phones.

Increased Likelihood of Purchase

Percent of shoppers who say they are more likely to purchase a product if the mobile app has product reviews.

More Reviews Written on Mobile

Increase in reviews written on mobile year over year after evo switched to a mobile-friendly post purchase email.

Demand for Content In-Store

Consumers that want to access product ratings and reviews while shopping in-store.

Review Collection

If a shopper can’t easily leave a review from their mobile device, they’ll abandon the process altogether. At PowerReviews, every step of the review collection process — from the post-purchase email to the write-a-review form — can easily be completed on a mobile device.

Review Display

Consumers expect to find reviews — regardless of the device they’re using. With PowerReviews, your content is optimized for easy viewing on a mobile device.

Questions & Answers

When a consumer is researching your product, there might be an unanswered question that is preventing them from making the purchase. Our Questions & Answers display allows consumers to search for an answer or submit a question through a mobile-friendly form.

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