Image & Video

Maximize the native user-generated visual media you capture and then display it throughout your site to enhance buyer confidence for maximum sales impact.

Maximize shopper confidence and sales with authentic visual content

Customer submitted imagery and video is proven to enhance buyer confidence to convert browsers to customers.


of shoppers specifically look for images and videos provided by other consumers before making a purchase.


Shoppers who interact with user-generated imagery (click to enlarge, filter, etc.) are 81% more likely to convert than those that don’t.


of consumers trust user-generated videos more than brand-generated videos

Allowing consumers to add native visual content before writing reviews increases image and video collection by 154%
Maximize Native Image & Video Collection

Images and videos are often an afterthought for reviewers, but are critical to shoppers. Our native user-generated imagery and video capture capability is flexible and designed to ensure you maximize the volume of visual media you collect.

Enable your customers to submit imagery direct from their desktop, mobile device or social media accounts to your website.
Provide customers with the option to share imagery and videos before or after providing a rating/review – whichever will generate more and better visual media.
Our technology enables you to provide your customers with the option to submit imagery and video with or without an accompanying rating and review – which means you capture more user-generated visual media.
Success Story
WEBS Yarn collected and displayed more than 4,000 images and videos natively as a result of partnering with PowerReviews.
Flexible display options to maximize impact

Display shoppable customer visual media galleries on your site wherever you need to provide social proof, enable product discovery, and inspire sales. Incorporate imagery and video captured natively alongside those originally submitted via social media with our Social Curation solution.

Brands leveraging PowerReviews technology increase conversion rate 9.6% when shoppers interact (i.e. click, scroll, etc.) with customer photos.
Optimize your user-generated imagery and video strategy by also curating content from social media
Our Social Curation solution runs on the same technology as our Ratings and Reviews platform. This means your visual galleries can incorporate images and videos submitted natively or via social media seamlessly alongside each other.
Ignite Shoppers' Imagination to Drive Conversions

Influence and guide customer journeys by directing consumers from the user-generated imagery you place throughout your site to the relevant product pages – particularly effective when multiple products feature in a single image.

Improved SEO Reach

Visual content on your product pages boosts SEO authority, thereby expanding reach, increasing organic traffic, and driving product discovery and sales.

ratings and reviews moderation for fraud graphic
Effective, Efficient Image & Video Moderation

Ensure the user-generated imagery and video you display on your site is authentic and accurate with the moderation that best fits your needs.

Let our team do the work for you, and moderate content based on your specific guidelines and recommendations.
Enable real-time sharing of your visual content by activating automated approval or rejection processes.
Understand and Optimize Performance

Our PDP Site Analytics enables you to analyze the influence of any piece of user-generated content on the buyer journey.

Understand the sales influence of every user-generated image or video you display on your site. Does a specific carousel perform best on a specific page type? Does a certain image style have more impact? Do your social images affect the buyer journey more or less than natively submitted user-generated video? Answer all these questions and more.
Know which user-generated content and display performs best, then optimize accordingly to ensure it has maximum impact on driving sales.
Identify gaps that are having the biggest impact. Then focus your subsequent content generation strategies accordingly.
Speedway Motors

Being able to feature photos and videos directly in our review displays helps meet shopper expectations, increase transparency, and establish a community where our customers can trade information.

Chad Kulig Digital Strategy Manager, Speedway Motors
Child's Hands Planting New Garden
Gardener’s Supply Company

Visual content is so key to ecommerce. Customers expect high-quality imagery and video. Gardening is very hands-on, and the content inspires confidence in customers that products work as promised.

Amanda Everse SEO Manager, Gardener’s Supply Company

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