Questions & Answers

Address purchase-blocking questions within the shopper experience to enhance buyer confidence and convert browsers to purchasers.

Remove critical purchase-blocking shopper concerns

User-generated content is proven to convert browsers and shoppers to buyers. Q&A is a critical element of a best practice UGC program.


Average increase in conversion when shoppers explore (i.e. filter, expand, search etc.) Q&A content during their browsing experience. This is the most impactful type of UGC on consumer outcomes.


Average increase in conversion when Q&A is added to a product page


Average increase in traffic to products that have answered consumer questions (due to the SEO benefits of adding this fresh content)


of shoppers abandon their online purchase if they can’t find quick answers to their questions

No-brainer ROI

PowerReviews Q&A is built into our core Ratings & Reviews platform, is included at no additional cost and generates phenomenal no-brainer ROI.

1 x
Average sales revenue lift for brands and retailers using our Q&A technology
0 %
Reduction in product returns for brands and retailers using our Q&A technology
Success Story
  • 95% increase in conversion rate for Room & Board shoppers who read Q&A or review content
  • 45% of both online and offline Room & Board purchases are deemed by the company to have been influenced by Q&A or review content
Remove Critical Purchase-Blocking Concerns

Convert shoppers into buyers at the point of purchase by addressing their key objections.

Address consumer concerns about all aspects of purchasing the specific product of interest (product features, quality and durability, general credibility of brand, shipping, performance of products in same and different categories, etc). All these combine to significantly enhance confidence in your brand and products.
Enable answers to be provided by a varied range of credible experts – including verified buyers and your own staff experts.
Syndicate your Q&A content across the different retailer websites you sell your products on. Answer any consumer questions posed on these channels with our platform.
Our technology enables you to implement precise processes that generate answers quicker. Route questions in-the-moment to address consumer concerns in the moment and lose fewer sales.
Leverage your existing manuals, instructions, pictures and videos to respond to shopper questions. Even shoot videos to specifically provide detailed responses and instructions as appropriate.
Conversion-Boosting Q&A Displays

Our displays present Q&A content in an engaging and outcome-driven way, with the intention of vividly removing key purchase barriers. Search capability enables shoppers to find the information they need quickly (and minimize repeat questions), while intuitive badging adds credibility.

Also incorporate videos and images in answers for extra detail, guidance and clarity.

Q&A Content Improves Your SEO Ranking

In addition to significantly improving conversion rates, Q&A also boosts SEO because it leads to a consistent stream of fresh content and is also typically keyword rich.

Product pages that add PowerReviews Q&A on average experience an 88% increase in traffic for this reason.
Superior Moderation Ensures You Generate Desired Results

Mismatched and inaccurate answers to questions result in misleading and a significant negative impact on sales performance.

Our best-in-class moderation – which combines automation with human involvement – safeguards you against these challenges.

Optimize Your User-Generated Q&A Strategy with Cutting-Edge Analytics

Our PDP Site Analytics enables you to analyze the influence of any piece of user-generated content on the buyer journey.

Understand the sales influence of every user-generated Q&A entry on your site. Does a specific question or answer have a particularly significant impact? Does impact vary by product? Do certain topics or use cases generate more inquiries than others? Do responses from specific individuals (e.g. your product experts vs actual customers) have a different level of impact on the buyer journey? Answer all these questions and more.
Know which questions or answers perform best, elevate accordingly and constantly optimize to ensure it has maximum impact on driving sales.
Identify gaps that are having the biggest impact. Then focus your subsequent content generation and Product Detail Page (PDP) evolution strategies accordingly.

Because a customer who submits a question is already engaged, if we can give them the answer they want in a timely fashion, they usually buy the shoe. With Questions & Answers we were able to boost our rankings in Google’s organic search for the keyword ‘shoes’ to be on the first page of results.

TIM LAKIN Ecommerce Merchandising Manager, Skechers

Not only does Q&A provide a better shopping experience for shoppers, but it also helps us reduce operational expenses.

Kristina Cerminara Manager, Online Optimization, Nutrisystem

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