Benchmarking Sentiment Analytics

Drive Exceptional Product Experiences with Exceptional Product Intelligence

To become a market leader, you need to know exactly how you stack up against your competitors.

But that’s easier said than done.  Historically, most brands and retailers haven’t had access to the data they need to meaningfully compare product and brand performance.

Why Benchmarking Sentiment Analytics?

Our Benchmarking Sentiment Analytics solution unlocks these insights, providing the tools you need to make impactful improvements across your business in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

Unrivaled competitive intelligence

Benchmarking Sentiment Analytics leverages online review data to provide unrivaled competitive intelligence. Make comparisons across:

Yes, that’s ANY retailer or marketplace:
Deliver exceptional product experiences

Benchmarking Sentiment Analytics enables you to drive game changing product improvements.

Reviews are a great source for keywords that help boost your product's SEO
How does Benchmarking Sentiment Analytics do what it does?

Powered by AI and Natural Language Processing, Benchmarking Sentiment Analytics leverages sophisticated text analytics trained specifically on a huge body of review content. 

Sophisticated text analytics mines consumer review content to provide unrivaled visibility of the key themes affecting your and your competitors’ product experiences. This highlights critical strengths and weaknesses, and outlines key focus areas with potential to drive the biggest impact on your business.

Benchmarking Sentiment Analytics: By the Numbers
0 M
Draws on analysis of 53 million consumer reviews from across the internet
0 K
Identified 150,000 unique adjectives to ensure effective and accurate benchmarking
0 M
Identified more than 2 million unique discussion topics through consumer feedback

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