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Maximize UGC’s impact on the buyer journey to drive higher conversion rates

User-Generated Content has a huge impact on consumer decision making and is often the driving factor in converting browsers to buyers along the path to purchase.

However, the majority of brands and retailers are unable to accurately quantify the size of this impact or see where it makes the biggest difference .

Product Detail Page (PDP) Site Analytics solves this critical problem.

Overall Impact of UGC on Conversion
0 %
conversion rate when consumers interact with some form of UGC
0 %
conversion rate when consumers interact with Ratings & Reviews
0 %
conversion rate when consumers interact with Q&A content
0 %
conversion rate when consumers interact with user-generated imagery
What is PDP Site Analytics?

PDP Site Analytics provides precise visibility into how consumers interact with each of your product pages, delivering exceptional insight on its impact. 

  • Deduce exactly how visitors on your site interact with your UGC display
  • Establish the subsequent action they then take (purchase or non-purchase)
  • Size the impact of different types of UGC interactions on conversion
  • Demonstrate the ROI of your UGC program to your bosses
  • Analyze the impact at both the individual product level and holistically
  • Optimize UGC collection and display for conversion
0 %
Consumers who click the “Helpful Yes” button within individual reviews convert at the highest rate of review interactors (314.7% conversion lift) across entire PowerReviews user base
0 %
Of visitors who apply a star filter, around two-thirds filter on 1 star reviews. These visitors still convert at 108.8% the rate of general web traffic.
How does PDP Site Analytics do what it does?

PDP Site Analytics captures key consumer interaction and behavior insight across your product pages. Specifically, it incorporates:

  • Analysis across all UGC on your product pages (i.e. rating, reviews, Q&A content, consumer-supplied visual media)
  • Engagement data, such as viewing of, filtering of and clicking on specific elements on each product page
  • Key related site analytics, such as time on page
  • Subsequent actions – i.e. whether shopper bought the product or not

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