Product Sentiment Analytics

Focus Group Level Intelligence at a Fraction of the Cost

Knowing exactly where and how to make adjustments to your product catalog is tough.  

To start, you need to develop a deep understanding of how your customers really feel about your products. Enter Product Sentiment Analytics: focus group level intelligence at a fraction of the cost.

Why Product Sentiment Analytics?
Extensive quantitative insights that identify meaningful trends at the product level.
Qualitative product-specific insights that provide the why behind the what to drive ACTION.
Significantly cheaper than traditional product feedback mechanisms.
What is Product Sentiment Analytics?

Product Sentiment Analytics leverage online ratings and reviews data for exceptional insight into your product performance.

This enables you to:

Why Product Sentiment Analytics matters:

UGC, unlike other forms of customer feedback, is almost always constructive and therefore includes extremely powerful, actionable, and context-rich insights. Product Sentiment Analytics ensures you fully embrace this opportunity.

PowerReviews customers using our UGC Analytics solution can see the tops words and phrases customers use in their reviews.
Reviews are a great source for keywords that help boost your product's SEO
How does Product Sentiment Analytics do what it does?

Powered by AI and Natural Language Processing, Product Sentiment Analytics is a sophisticated and powerful text analytics platform that’s been trained on User-Generated Content.

Sophisticated text analytics mines consumer review content to provide unrivaled visibility of the key themes affecting your product experiences. This highlights critical strengths and weaknesses, and outlines key focus areas with potential to drive the biggest impact on your business.

Product Sentiment Analytics: By the Numbers
0 M
Draws on analysis of 53 million consumer reviews from across the internet
0 K
Identified 150,000 unique adjectives to ensure effective and accurate benchmarking
0 M
Identified more than 2 million unique discussion topics through consumer feedback

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