A Different Type of Store Experience Measurement Solution

71% of shoppers are now comfortable shopping in store (compared to 30% in September 2020). Are you ready for them?

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5 Reasons to Use PowerReviews Store Experience

A New, Improved Type of Secret Shopping

● Send existing customers on secret shopper-style “missions”


● Drive traffic to your stores and generate on-the-ground sales


● Capture feedback from people most invested in your brand who ultimately matter most

● Our methodology provides the scale and volume you need to accurately measure your store experience and understand where to focus for the biggest impact improvements

● Tapping into your existing customer base means their prior experience is factored into their feedback, leading to richer insights

● Capture hugely valuable but typically elusive feedback from non-buyers

● Also capture traditional metrics – like NPS and CSAT – across every interaction type

The best, most actionable type of customer feedback

Strengthen customer loyalty

● Being asked to provide feedback is proven to make your customers feel more valued

● 84% of consumers say that being asked to participate in a secret-shopper “mission” would make them feel a moderately or significantly stronger affinity for that retailer

● 2/3 of respondents said that if a retailer asks for feedback on their shopping experience it shows the retailer cares about their customers and customer experience.
● Consumers who participate in our programs end up spending more long-term with the retailers in question

● On average, customers double their basket size the next time they visit that retailer after they provide feedback

Drive More Sales

Cheaper Than Expensive Tech-Heavy Alternatives, Research Programs and Traditional Mystery Shopping

Every customer who participates will make you money rather than cost you – unlike expensive mystery shopper programs.


Low tech and program costs pale in comparison to expensive hardware-heavy alternatives such as video analytics


● Store Experience Feedback customers receive on average 5-10x more “mission”-driven customer feedback submissions than than mystery shopping programs

How does PowerReviews Store Experience Feedback work?

Invite existing real-life customers on in-store “missions” – specific assignments of your choosing, be this a typical browse and buy in-store interaction, BOPIS/Curbside/in-store return transaction or whatever process or experience you want to optimize.


As part of the process, you are able to incentivize your customers to complete surveys with coupons or other benefits.


Because these individuals are invested in your brand, they not only have the context to provide you with the most insightful feedback possible but they also want to help you improve. And – what’s more – they typically make a purchase when on a mission.


So not only does PowerReviews Store Experience deliver the most insightful and actionable feedback possible, it also drives revenue.

Store Experience Feedback: In Detail

Store Experience Feedback at Scale

Because our methodology leverages your entire customer base, it enables you to project your program across geographies, territories and use cases in a cost-effective manner. Measure holistically, compare different parts of your entire operation or isolate to specific problem locations.

You do not pay people to complete our “missions”. By leveraging your existing customer base, you tap into a community that is invested in your brand and motivated to help you improve. In contrast to traditional mystery shopping, every customer who participates will make you money rather than cost you.

Capture feedback about store layout, store cleanliness, interaction with associates, product findability, checkout experience, parking lot condition and whatever else you want to know about the in-store experience.

Interactions that blend in-store and digital channels are a must in today’s omnichannel world. Our store experience feedback program enables you to fully understand the effectiveness of your BOPIS, curbside, in-store pick up, store delivery and return processes by selectively engaging customers who routinely use these services.

There are numerous ways to capture feedback from customers who visit your stores and make a purchase. Reaching non-buyers is much harder but also way more valuable (how else are you going to be able to turn them into buyers?). Due to our unique methodology, PowerReviews Store Experience captures significant volumes of insight from this group. Fully understand non-buyer behavior and make appropriate adjustments.

Solicit both subjective and objective feedback across stores. In other words, combine fact-based questions (e.g. “were you met by an associate within two minutes of entering?”) with opinion-based questions (“what made you happy about your visit”?) to get the best of both worlds. Dig deeper to understand not just what is happening in the store, but also what behaviors actually impact customer sentiment.

50% of customers who complete a PowerReviews Store Experience Feedback “mission” also make a purchase, even though it’s not required
99% of consumers asked to by a retailer to participate in a Store Experience Feedback “mission” also opt in to further missions

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Consumers love our store experience feedback program. In fact, 99% of those asked to participate opt in for future missions. That’s because they make customers feel valued and heard, which creates a happy and engaged two-way relationship that strengthens brand advocacy.

Repeat customers typically have a deep, emotional attachment to your brand. Strengthen your relationships with these critical brand advocates by leveraging them as an extension of your own team through invitations to participate in exclusive research opportunities.

Maximize loyalty by becoming truly customer led. Uncover key insights from this critical group and adjust your future strategic direction accordingly.

By encouraging participation with loyalty-based incentives (e.g. discounts and coupons), missions create an even stronger customer attachment. Because they are structured in this way, you also end up increasing traffic and sales while reducing cost-per-mission.

Technology-Enabled Innovation

Run your entire store experience program from our powerful technology platform.

PowerReviews Store Experience allows you to target the appropriate audience from within your existing customer base to get feedback on experiences that matter most to them.

PowerReviews Store Experience Feedback is a mobile-first solution. This means customers are intended to provide their feedback while in the store or immediately after their visit when it’s fresh of mind – all while making the process easy and seamless for your customers direct from their phones. No entering a long and hard-to-type url from a receipt.

Take advantage of real-time notifications to let your field team know when to course correct or celebrate great experiences.

Dig deep into the data to understand the actionable issues impacting your store experience. Clearly understand what’s working and what isn’t working across your entire network and why. Isolate and identify problems and opportunities and then prioritize action accordingly.

Consolidate your technology vendors by capturing, analyzing and sharing all your store experience feedback (i.e. all post-transaction, non-buyer and mission-driven survey data) from a single enterprise-grade platform.

Capture Standard Store Experience Feedback Measures with Our Tech

While we pride ourselves on our innovative store experience measurement methodology, we also enable you to use our technology to capture more traditional feedback types – meaning you continue to collect metrics your organization is accustomed to as part of a holistic program. It also means you communicate performance in established terms that your executives understand.

Our technology includes sophisticated survey functionality, meaning it’s fully equipped to deliver more standard, post-purchase feedback requests to your customers. Augment your store experience feedback program with this established methodology.

Our technology fully supports reporting against traditional measures and metrics that are likely to be familiar internally and may be embedded with your existing executives.

Arm leaders across your business with the insights they need to drive impactful decisions and action. Tailor reports to preferred metrics, and leverage our technology to distribute this intelligence in a precise, targeted manner.


Start Measuring & Improving Store Experience NOW

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