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Collect more ratings and reviews with our UGC collection technology and product sampling program. Then display on your own site, Target, Abt, Best Buy, Amazon, and other retailers to enhance buyer confidence and drive more online sales.

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Get more UGC

  • Product sampling
  • Ratings & Reviews (Generation)

Convert more shoppers

  • Ratings and Reviews (Display)
  • Q&A
  • Image and Video
  • Social Curation
  • UGC Syndication

Optimize and improve

  • UGC Analytics
  • Product Sentiment Analytics
  • Benchmarking Sentiment Analytics

PowerReviews Drives Results


0 %
Average traffic increase to products after moving from zero reviews to more than one.


1 x
Average sales increase for products generating reviews after moving from zero to more than one review.


0 %
Average conversion increase for products generating reviews after moving from zero to more than one review.

A Complete User-Generated Content Solution

Solicit more user-generated content, expand its reach, and then analyze holistically to drive conversions and sales. Our product set is designed to evolve the maturity of your business, but at the right pace for you.

Ratings & Reviews

Capture and showcase crucial social proof required to transform shoppers into customers. Our Ratings and Reviews platform also includes Question and Answers and Image & Video capture and display capability.

  • Brands following the PowerReviews Ratings & Reviews best practices generate 65% conversion lift.
  • Brands using PowerReviews Q&A technology see a 6x sales lift.
  • 1x customer-generated image on a product page results in a conversion increase of 69%

UGC Syndication & Sharing

Share ratings, reviews, images and Q&A content across a network of 2,000+ of the world’s largest retailers including Abt and Target - along with Amazon, Best Buy, Google and Facebook - with the most accurate content sharing capabilities available.

PowerReviews AI technology has 79% higher product match rates than our competitors, meaning it syndicates 13% more reviews than competitor technology.

Product Sampling

Generate more customer reviews, images, or videos quicker to enhance credibility and significantly expand your reach with our sophisticated sampling programs.

PowerReviews product sampling campaigns generate an industry-high average response rate of 86%.

UGC Analytics

Elevate business performance with the number one UGC-dedicated analytics platform on the planet powered by Natural Language Processing and AI. Improve UGC coverage and performance, optimize your product portfolio, benchmark against competitors and much more.

PowerReviews UGC Analytics draws on analysis of 53 million consumer reviews from across the internet, uncovering two million unique discussion topics and 150,000+ unique adjectives for accurate benchmarking.

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