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Guitar Center Ratings & Reviews Program

Ratings & Reviews are proven to boost conversions and sales online. Guitar Center has partnered with PowerReviews to enable you to syndicate all your Ratings & Reviews content to GuitarCenter.com.

If you don’t currently capture Ratings & Reviews, PowerReviews can also provide all the support you need to get started.

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Why are Ratings & Reviews So Important at Guitar Center?

0 %
Increase in Conversion Rate among Consumers who Interact with Some Form of User-Generated Content on GuitarCenter.com*
1 %
Increase in Conversion Rate among Consumers who Interact with User-Generated Image or Video on GuitarCenter.com
0 %
Increase in Conversion Rate among Consumers who Interact with Ratings & Reviews on GuitarCenter.com
*Based on analysis of all web interactions between November 1 2020 and April 20 2021 on GuitarCenter.com. Figure for all User-Generated Content includes Ratings & Reviews, imagery, video and Q&A.

Option 1

Get Your Ratings & Reviews on GuitarCenter.com

Guitar Center’s partnership with PowerReviews enables you to syndicate Ratings & Reviews content on GuitarCenter.com. This applies to all existing Ratings & Reviews you have historically captured already, along with any future content you collect. In addition to Ratings & Reviews, the partnership also includes the syndication of user-generated imagery and video.


Option 2

Full-Scale Ratings & Reviews Solution

If you don’t currently have a Ratings & Reviews program or need additional help, don’t panic. PowerReviews has the expertise, technology and support to get your program humming.


What PowerReviews can do for you:

  • Ratings & Reviews, Q&A and Image/Video collection and display for your website
  • Syndication of this content to GuitarCenter.com and other selected locations you sell your products
  • Our UGC Analytics platform enables you to optimize your UGC program, fully understand its impact on conversion and benchmark your product experience against competitors
  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure your Ratings & Reviews program achieves your desired objectives
  • Business review to identify opportunities and optimize for growth

Boost GuitarCenter.com Review Volumes with Product Sampling

Leverage the PowerReviews sampling program to turbocharge Ratings & Reviews volumes on your own site and/or GuitarCenter.com. Ideal for:

  • New product launches
  • Brand restages
  • Improved review coverage
  • Generating fresh content

Our industry leading review generation rate of 86% results in the most cost effective product sampling programs available.

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