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Syndicate Your UGC to Shoppers Drug Mart

Get your ratings, reviews, customer imagery, Q&A, and more on the Shoppers Drug Mart site to build trust and increase sales.

Get Your Customer Content on

Shoppers Drug Mart has partnered with PowerReviews to enable you to share authentic customer feedback about your brand’s products to Shoppers Drug Mart customers. Our world-class content collection capabilities are ideal for:

  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Review responses
  • Customer imagery & videos
  • Questions & Answers

Accelerate UGC Generation

Leverage the PowerReviews consumer sampling community to generate compelling user-generated content on your product pages at Ideal for:

  • New product launches
  • Brand restages
  • Full assortment coverage
  • Top selling items needing fresh content

Analytics that Drive Business Impact

Uncover insights through sentiment analysis reports and competitive benchmarking to drive business decisions — from product development to personalized customer experiences — and increase conversion.

Learn how PowerReviews can enhance reach across the ShoppersDrugMart eCommerce platform to build brand trust and drive increased sales.

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