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Incorporate authentic user-generated visual content

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Brands & Retailers Using PowerReviews Social Curation Include:

Brands and retailers using PowerReviews technology experience a conversion lift of:


among customers who interact with user-generated imagery & video (click to enlarge, filter etc)


among their customers who click any image in a user-generated image gallery

Curate more content from social

Simplify, streamline and optimize the process of getting the most conversion-boosting imagery on your website.

Success Story
Natively, Shure only collected around 40 images a month for potential publication.

However, once they implemented Social Curation, they then had access to 11k+ images for potential publication.
0 %
Increase in visual media collection for Canyon Bakehouse in the first month post implementation

Beautiful displays that convert

Display shoppable customer image galleries on your site wherever you need to provide authentic social proof that drives buyer confidence.

Single PowerReviews platform

Unlike other solutions, PowerReviews Social Curation is built on the same platform as our Ratings and Reviews technology so there are no integration complications.

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