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Improve conversion and generate more sales with product sampling and UGC syndication

Ulta is one of the most established beauty retailers in the world. Due to Ulta’s partnership with PowerReviews, you can boost review volumes on by running dedicated product sampling programs and syndicating User Generated Content (ratings, reviews and Q&A) you collect to this critical channel.

Get Your Customer Content on

With 97% of consumers consulting product reviews before making a purchase, User-Generated Content is proven to improve conversion rates and generate more online sales. Syndicate the following UGC to

  • Ratings
  • Reviews
  • Customer imagery (in reviews and curated from social media)
  • Video

Boost Review Volumes with Product Sampling

Leverage the PowerReviews sampling program to generate more user-generated content on Ideal for:

  • New product launches
  • Brand restages
  • Improved review coverage
  • Generating fresh content

Our industry leading review generation rate of 86% results in the most cost effective product sampling programs available.

Why does our 86% average review submission rate matter?
Simple: It saves you money.
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Review Submission Rate
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Reviews Submitted
40- 41 %
Review Submission Rate
715- 716
Volume of Samples Required

Enhanced Consumer Engagement

Engage directly with consumer questions and concerns on to address key barriers to purchase and drive more sales. Specifically by:

  • Responding to customer questions in’s Q&A
  • Responding directly to consumer reviews

Power Business Growth with Analytics

The PowerReviews UGC Analytics platform is the leading solution of its kind in the market. Leverage it to optimize your UGC program and analyze UGC data to better understand, benchmark, and enhance product and CX.


Find out more about how PowerReviews can help you build brand trust on to significantly increase sales.