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Is Review Recency as Important to Consumers as Review Volume?

Do recent reviews carry more weight than older reviews? How important is review volume? Is it better to have fewer, more recent reviews or more, …

Survey: ‘Stale’ Product Reviews Are a Big Turn-Off for Shoppers

Review volume is key, but recency counts too: Nearly 40% won’t buy if product reviews are older than 90 days, and 62% won’t purchase if revie…

Ratings & Reviews: Best Practices for Footwear Brands

Discover best practices for collecting, displaying, and leveraging reviews in the footwear space, using real-world examples from successful brand…

The Power of Review Volume & Recency

How the review volumes and recency impact purchase behavior, based on insights from more than 9,000 consumers and analysis of activity across 1.5…

Combat Fake Reviews: Authenticity & UGC are Key to Winning Over Consumers (& the FTC)

How do you ensure you only promote authentic UGC? And how do you prevent the publishing of fake reviews? It all comes down to content moderation.…

How to Leverage Social to Sell More Online

Read on as we review the power of socially generated UGC, and how brands can leverage UGC imagery to boost sales this holiday season.…

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