Product Sentiment Analytics

Focus Group Level Intelligence at a Fraction of the Cost

The key to winning in today’s competitive retail environment is a deep understanding of your target consumer and how successfully you are meeting their needs.

Product Sentiment Analytics gives you the superpower to understand how your customers really feel about your products and brand.  With this tool you have the ability to unlock insights on the feedback provided by your customers’ UGC. 

Customer writes a review

Analyzed by a computer that understands language

Feedback/UGC becomes actionable insights

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Analyze by “mention” to accurately parse out positive, negative, neutral and mixed sentiment for more context-rich insights
Easily compare sentiment and star rating at the product level
Quickly compare sentiment by topic
Top positive and negative mentions are summarized for fast insight into where you are winning and where there may be opportunity for improvement.

Why Product Sentiment Analytics?

Surface key topics and descriptors immediately and track how sentiment trends over time.
Drill into specific products, categories, and custom product groupings to understand customer sentiment and trends.
Save big on resource-intensive and expensive analysis and investigative time. Focus group level insights, without the price-tag.

What kind of insights?

Our customers use Product Sentiment Analytics to:

  • Drive internal product improvements
  • Make better merchandising decisions.
  • Optimize product descriptions
  • Improve product ratings
Using Product Sentiment Analytics, one customer increased their star rating jump from 2.7 to 4.3 stars after fixing a faulty clasp on a watch.
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conversion lift for products with a star rating of 4.25-4.49 compared to those with 2.00-2.99 stars.
The Only Algorithm Trained On UGC
Content from More Than
0 M
Pieces of UGC (77M Reviews, 2M Questions & Answers) Powering Our Analytics Platform
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Unique Adjectives Identified For More Specific Analysis
More Than
0 M
Unique Feedback Topics Elevated for Further Exploration and Action
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