Seamlessly integrate visual content shared by your customers on social media as part of a holistic UGC program.

Visual User-Generated Content = Conversions and Sales

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Lift in conversion when customers interact with visual UGC
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Of consumers look for visual UGC when shopping at least sometimes
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Of consumers find visual content submitted by other customers to be more valuable than brand imagery.

Why is user-generated imagery and video so impactful?

In a word: authenticity.

Buying a product online means you can’t see it in the flesh, touch it and experiment with it. Consumers want to be confident that a product will do exactly what they want it to before committing to the purchase.

The Best of Both Worlds

PowerSocial coupled with our industry leading ratings & reviews platform is the best of both worlds. Our world class expertise –  combined with our holistic technology suite –  enables you to build the best possible UGC program for your business.

Why PowerSocial?

The PowerSocial suite simplifies, streamlines and optimizes the process of locating and displaying this content in the most visually appealing way possible – all from the same platform you use to manage your Ratings and Reviews program.

Curate more and better visual media quicker

Curate  image and video content from your customers however they prefer to share it. 

Curate visual media from Instagram, Facebook, within reviews or submitted directly to your site.
Request and gain permission to use customer photos and videos quickly and efficiently. Maximize efficiencies by managing and tracking all these interactions from the same platform where you manage your ratings and reviews program.
Create an “approved” list of trusted contacts to enable content to be automatically displayed on your site without any manual intervention. Similarly, automatically reject any content that contains competitor tags, off-brand hashtags or certain keywords.
Choose the level of moderation that best fits your needs. Leverage our premium human-based service for optimal peace of mind or automate for maximum efficiency.
With PowerSocial, brands and retailers capture 221% more images and videos.
Success Story
Natively, Shure only collected around 40 images a month for potential publication.

However, once they implemented PowerSocial, they then had access to 11k+ images for potential publication.

Customize Displays for Impact Throughout the Shopping Journey

Display shoppable customer image galleries on your site throughout the shopping journey from discovery to conversion and sale. 

Understand & Optimize Visual Content Impact

Our premium analytics  capabilities enable you to analyze the influence of the user-generated visual content you share on the buyer journey.

Understand the sales influence of displaying rich user-generated imagery and videos on your site with 24/7 access to ROI metrics.
Know which type of user-generated content performs best, in what format and where in the journey. Then optimize accordingly to ensure it has maximum impact.
Measure and benchmark volume and type of content collected and displayed, product coverage and more. Then focus your subsequent content generation strategies accordingly.
Canyon Bakehouse

The PowerReviews team made setting up PowerSocial super easy. It has allowed us to add a lot of color and credibility to the product display pages on our site.

Katie Pusateri Marketing, Canyon Bakehouse
WEBS - America's Yarn Store

With PowerSocial, we’ve seen a significant increase in our social media engagement, which has a positive impact on our customer retention and brand loyalty. We’ve seen more of our customers engage in conversations around our products, which allows us to strengthen our relationship with our fans and build trust.

Haley Dion Social Media Coordinator, WEBS - America's Yarn Store
Child's Hands Planting New Garden
Gardener’s Supply Company

When we started seeing customer-submitted review images popping up on the pages so easily, we were amazed. We realized we could offer a more cohesive customer experience by integrating social image content that could live and coexist right alongside customer reviews.

Amanda Everse SEO Manager, Gardener’s Supply Company