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Rise above the competition: Unleash transformational insights with the best UGC-dedicated analytics solutions on the market

User-Generated Content (ratings, reviews, and visual media from customers) contains a wealth of context-rich and actionable insight.

But few are maximizing the potential of this rich datasource.

Why UGC Analytics?

UGC Analytics - our market-leading reporting and text analytics suite powered by AI and Natural Language Processing - is designed to make it easy for you to turn insights from customer feedback into business results.

What is UGC Analytics?

UGC Analytics - powered by AI and Natural Language Processing - is a collection of premium reporting solutions and analytics tools combined.
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Holistically understand consumer sentiment about your own products to understand where to make improvements that drive the biggest impact.
Analysis of all review data on your own website. *
Benchmark consumer sentiment about your own and competitor products.
Analysis of all review data about your products and competitors across your chosen category(s) on any online retail channel (i.e. Target, Walmart, Chewy, Tesco, John Lewis, Amazon etc.)**
See consumer sentiment about your products on any retail site or online marketplace.
Analysis of all review data about your products on any online retail channel (i.e. Target, Walmart, Chewy, Tesco, John Lewis, Amazon etc.)**
*Only available to users of our Ratings & Reviews platform.
**Available to users of any Ratings & Reviews platform.

How does UGC Analytics do what it does?

UGC Analytics captures insights from:

  • Consumer content (ratings, reviews, visual media etc.) collected natively on your site about your products
  • Consumer content collected on any site about your products
  • Consumer content collected on any site about competitor products
Success Story
Profoot uses our Benchmarking product to monitor customer reviews, uncover new opportunities for differentiation, and find unexplored messaging angles that resonate with consumers.

Who is UGC Analytics for?

The short answer, anyone who cares about maximizing conversion while simultaneously improving customer and product experience.
Deliver digestible high-level reports on the performance of your product portfolio and conversion funnel to decision makers.
Gain insight into your distributor network and understand where you need to drive improvements.
Drive holistic and targeted product improvements across your catalog.
Understand the exact GTM framework and messaging direction required for success.
Establish the messaging tweaks and precise detail required to resonate better with consumers.
The Only Algorithm Trained On UGC
Content from More Than
0 M
Pieces of UGC (77M Reviews, 2M Questions & Answers) Powering Our Analytics Platform
More Than
0 K
Unique Adjectives Identified For More Specific Analysis
More Than
0 M
Unique Feedback Topics Elevated for Further Exploration and Action

We look a lot more professional than we ever have before. Now, when I walk into a CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart, I can show them proof that people are talking about us more than any other footcare brand.

Jessica Donoghue VP of Marketing Profoot

The biggest opportunity may be simply leveraging Ratings & Reviews as a new/different means of insight mining— specifically around competitive and product innovation insights… Let’s be honest, Amazon Ratings & Reviews are always the first canary in the coal mine.

Discount Tire

UGC Analytics has opened up a completely new customer experience data source for us. Ratings and reviews are great validation and social proof for other customers. But using this information to drive tangible change makes sense on so many levels. In the first month alone, we were able to identify and size two process issues from our review data. We implemented corrective action right away for huge impact.

Dan Wainwright Customer Insights Coordinator Discount Tire

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