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Q&A interactors convert at the highest rate of any UGC interactors. Generate more content that drives sales with PowerReviews Q&A.

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conversion lift for website visitors who interact with Q&A content
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of consumers read Q&A
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of shoppers are suspicious of a product or brand without Q&A content
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increase in conversion rate for Room & Board shoppers who read Q&A or review content
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of both online and offline Room & Board purchases are deemed by the company to have been influenced by Q&A or review content

Collect More and Better Q&A Content

Convert more shoppers by incorporating Q&A into your UGC strategy. Our Q&A solution is built for sales impact.

Address consumer concerns about all aspects of purchasing the specific product of interest (e.g. product features, quality and durability, general credibility of brand, shipping processes, performance of other products in same and different categories etc).
Enable answers to be provided by a varied range of credible experts – including verified buyers and your own staff experts.
Syndicate your Q&A content across different retailer website channels. Also answer any consumer questions posed on these channels.
Route questions in-the-moment to address consumer concerns in the moment and generate more sales.
Leverage your existing manuals, instructions, pictures and videos to respond to shopper questions. Even shoot videos to provide detailed and authentic responses.
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217.9% conversion lift
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192.9% conversion lift
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192.9% conversion lift
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150% conversion lift
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139.3% conversion lift
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100% conversion lift
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Your Business Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All and Your Review Display Shouldn’t Be Either

Build the best UGC displays for your business and your customers from more than 3,000 options – and make decisions based on critical display performance analytics data highlighting what actually drives conversions.

With PowerReviews, precisely size the impact of each component of your specific UGC displays and build yours accordingly.

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typical conversion rate when customers receive an answer to their question via Q&A

The Best Ratings & Reviews Strategies are Built on Data

Q&A collection and display performance analytics ensure you focus on capturing and serving content that is most impactful on driving conversions. Our analytics include:

  • Q&A coverage insights
  • Q&A response reporting
  • Q&A interaction analytics
  • Q&A volume impact
  • Conversion rate impact


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