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Why does review collection matter?

Reviews are essential, 99.9% of shoppers read them, and they critically impact conversion.

  • 86% of shoppers say that review recency becomes even more important when considering a product or brand they haven’t purchased before
  • 80% of consumers are less likely to buy a product if it has no reviews. This number is even higher – 92% – among Gen Z shoppers.
  • 62% of shoppers will not purchase a product if the only reviews available were published a year or more ago.
  • 97% of shoppers actively seek out longer, more detailed reviews at least sometimes
  • 94% of shoppers seek out visual content within reviews at least sometimes
Superior Organic Collection

Collect the content you know your shoppers want

Pair critical performance data with the flexible and varied collection techniques you need to build a conversion-focused UGC collection strategy.

Structure how you collect content and what content you collect in line with what you know what information converts shoppers – based on what your UGC interaction data tells you.

Prioritize content that moves the needle for each individual product; prioritize products that need content most.

Enable consumers to write multiple reviews at once.

Provide the same experience on all devices

Easily collect images and videos in addition to written content (if the data tells you it moves the needle)

Embed real-life authentic user-generated imagery from social media into your displays to make them even more visually compelling.

All the UGC collection performance analytics you need to optimize your collection strategy for conversion – from review coverage insights to conversion impact of each specific component of the review content you collect.

Superior Content Acceleration Offerings

“Incredibly Strategic” Services

Boost Review Volumes and Recency with the Most Effective and Innovative Content Acceleration Offerings

Product Sampling

PowerReviews Product Sampling campaigns have a minimum review submission rate of 85% – the best in the industry.

Receipt. Review. Collect.

The latest innovation in review collection. Tap into a powerful consumer database of online and in-store purchases across millions of members to generate reviews from verified purchasers.

La Colombe Coffee Roasters grew review volumes 310%, achieving a product coverage of 90.4% and 3x conversion lift with PowerReviews.

Review Collection Acceleration

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