Product Sampling

Generate fresh ratings and reviews content fast with end-to-end product sampling that delivers industry-best 85% average review submission rates.

1 ,000%
PowerReviews sampling programs collect reviews with 10,000% more videos than other (non-sampling) review collection methods*
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PowerReviews sampling-generated reviews are on average 29% longer than those generated by competing sampling programs*
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PowerReviews Sampling Campaigns collect reviews with 5X more video content than competitor sampling offerings*
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PowerReviews Sampling Campaigns collect reviews with 3x more imagery content than competitor sampling offerings*
*Source: Analysis of 30,827,574 collected by or syndicated to websites operating the PowerReviews platform between October 1 2020 and October 12 2021

Predictable Process + Highly Engaged Community = Unrivaled ROI

Our extensive community of global consumers – known as BzzAgents – are passionate and highly engaged. Combine them with a proven, predictable, and repeatable methodology, and you get the best outcomes EVERY time.

PowerReviews Product Sampling programs generate an industry best review submission rate of 85% (this means that an average of 8.5 consumer product ratings and reviews are generated for every 10 products you send). Some of our customers have even generated submission rates as high as 98%
Our proven campaign management processes ensure that time from launch to when the review content is submitted is the quickest of any of our competitors (as fast as 30 days from launch)
Our rigorous and sophisticated screening methodologies ensure we match the right people to your campaigns for the best results. This means that not only are they more likely to provide review content, but the review content they do provide will be more detailed, in-depth, and cover the topics consumers want addressed – and therefore more likely to convert shoppers who read it. In fact, reviews generated by our sampling campaigns are on average 29% longer than those generated by our competitors.
Our extensive reporting functionality incorporates predictive capabilities clearly outlining the impact of potential sampling campaigns (based on product coverage, average star rating, and other indicators).
Why does our 85% average review submission rate matter?
Simple: It saves you money.
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Reviews Submitted
0 %
Review Submission Rate
Volume of Samples Required
Reviews Submitted
40- 41 %
Review Submission Rate
708- 500
Volume of Samples Required
Result: 42% - 113% price difference

Seasoned Experts

We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

We build your target audience, facilitate shipments, and engage with campaign participants as they try products and submit content.
Our sampling team provides all the strategic guidance you need to reach your goals, ensuring you engage the right influencers, at the right time, with the right message.
Our team has run thousands of product sampling campaigns. From the outset, you will be assigned an experienced project manager to guide you through the entire process.
Our primary focus is optimizing the results of your campaign and delivering maximum benefits to your business. For example: the ratings and reviews content generated from your campaigns is exclusively yours – unlike other product sampling vendors.

How L’Oreal Uses PowerReviews Product Sampling for Strategic Results

Analyze Performance

Accurately size ROI with post-campaign reporting. 

All the information you need to understand the performance of the campaign (i.e. reviews generated, overall average rating, average review length, visual media  generated, key themes identified etc.)
Accurately quantify the value of each campaign to “sell” yourself and the campaign internally and/or gain buy-in for future Product Sampling projects.
Identify key product themes evident in the review content captured — key intelligence for understanding product performance and experience, how best to position, message and market the product and more. 

PowerReviews Product Sampling: A proven strategy for accelerating review generation.

Thanks to the support from PowerReviews, the Kérastase product sampling program has evolved to become incredibly strategic. It’s one of the key successes that I personally continue to tout as I feel it’s a resounding high-value digital marketing strategy.

1,165 samples sent to reviewers
88% Review Submission Rate
4.46 average star rating

We see a lot of value in product sampling. Having reviews for new products makes for a better product launch. Reviews provide consumers with information about products, beyond the marketing information we’re providing.

97% Review Submission Rate
44% Longer Reviews Generated

The sampling program with PowerReviews is an instrumental part of our UGC collection strategy. What’s really phenomenal is that we see a 90% response rate, so by the time a product is launched, the product pages are already populated with reviews from the sampling program, helping drive more sales.

90% Review Submission Rate

We are building product sampling for reviews as a standard best practice in advance of every national product launch over the next five years.

89.3% Review Coverage Across All Products

Is Product Sampling Right for You?

Check out The Complete Guide to Product Sampling to find out.

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