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Maesa designs and creates accessible and high-quality beauty products for brands including Flower BeautyKristin Ess and Col-Lab. Since 2016, Maesa has worked with PowerReviews to increase awareness, engagement and consumer confidence in new products.


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Constant Innovation

Maesa and its brands are constantly releasing new products on their sites and across their retailer channels like Target, Walmart and Ulta.


Instant Credibility

Maesa uses sampling campaigns to generate authentic, valuable content to drive credibility for new products.


Trust at Scale

Maesa has generated 986 reviews from sampling and continues to launch new sampling campaigns for key product launches.

Maesa by the Numbers

Response Rate


Response rate during product sampling campaigns

Review Volume


Authentic reviews generated from sampling campaigns

Impactful Impressions


Percentage of all impressions on products with reviews

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Verified buyer graphic from PowerReviews
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By the time a product is launched, the product pages are already populated with reviews from the sampling program helping drive more sales.

Chris Oh
Head of Digital and Social
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