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Maximize the volume and quality of the UGC you collect. Showcase it at high-impact moments in the shopper journey. Inspire buyer confidence to drive more sales.

Inspire buyer confidence and drive more sales.
Ratings & Reviews are proven to convert browsers to buyers.


of consumers typically read product ratings and reviews before making a purchase.


of all online purchases occur on product pages with ratings and reviews content.


of all product page web traffic occurs on product pages with ratings and reviews content.

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No-brainer ROI

The PowerReviews Ratings & Reviews platform provides everything you need to capture, showcase and amplify your user-generated content to maximize buyer confidence, conversions and sales.

Brands and retailers that adopt PowerReview best practices on average achieve:
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More Sales
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Higher Conversion Rates
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More Traffic
Conversion-Boosting Displays

Our displays have been designed with the primary intention of enhancing buyer confidence and generating sales for your business.

Our displays incorporate a range of features – including filtering, searching, reviewer sizing/demographic information – specifically designed to help shoppers find the personally relevant information they need to make fast and confident buying decisions.
You decide the best review display for your site. Take advantage of our conversion-boosting “out-of-the-box” display options (99% of our customers follow our best practices) or easily customize to your liking. We work with you to ensure the best possible choice for your business.
PowerReviews badges review by source (e.g. whether it came from a sampling campaign or the reviewer purchased the product) to demonstrate authenticity and combat shopper concerns about fake reviews. Inspire the buyer confidence necessary to drive sales.
Our best-in-class analytics ensure you know exactly which displays drive the biggest sales impact and vice versa. Adjust how you showcase your ratings and reviews content accordingly for the best result.
Accessibility matters. We are the only UGC vendor constantly iterating through each of our product updates to ensure our displays and collection forms are always fully ADA compliant.
Fastest load times in the business

We know every millisecond counts for your customers. That’s why we built our displays to run on the lightest code – resulting in load times 2.6x and 3.2x faster than our two nearest competitors.*

*Based on time taken to finish running code, according to YOTTAA 2020 3rd Party Performance Index Guide

1 x
Faster Load Speed Times Than Our Nearest Competitor
Get Your UGC Content in Front of More Shoppers

Syndicate UGC across a network of 2,000+ of the world’s largest retailers. And extend your content reach to other channels important to you, from Amazon and Google to Facebook and other social platforms. Reach billions of shoppers by syndicating more ratings, reviews, images, and Q&A content to increase sales.

79% Higher product match rates than other vendors

13% More reviews syndicated compared to other vendors
Success Story
Mizuno increased review syndication by 89% with the PowerReviews network, expanding reach and visibility across crucial sales channels.
Enhance SEO to drive more buyers to your product pages

Our platform is built to create the best possible SEO outcomes. Improve how you rank, incorporate imagery and star ratings, and optimize for Google Seller Ratings. Drive more product discovery, traffic, buyer confidence and sales.

108% average increase in organic traffic when a product page goes from zero to one review
“PowerReviews has delivered a significant uplift to how Google views the authority of our site due to the high percentage of high-quality and well displayed reviews.”
Capture More, Better-Quality Review Content

We have the best UGC collection capabilities in the industry. Our collection methodologies are proven to capture the highest quality ratings and reviews content in the largest quantities.

Our solution incorporates a range of tools to ensure the review content submitted is detailed, context-rich and relatable to a wide range of shoppers (i.e. sizing/fit, demographic information etc.) – all with the goal of creating buyer confidence to maximize sales and conversions.
Our review collection methods include email (leverage your own technology or ours) and SMS (proven to generate four times as much content as email), along with the capability to submit multiple reviews at the same time (proven to improve collection rates by 300%). Our solutions also enable you to customize your outreach to ensure it resonates with your customers best to maximize the content you collect. More reviews creates more buyer confidence and more sales.
Our automated prioritized review collection technologies are designed to identify content gaps and suggest the best way to fill them. It is proven to increase catalog review coverage by 13.5%
Shoppers who interact with user-generated imagery (click to enlarge a photo from your image gallery, filter etc.) are 81% more likely to convert than those that don’t. Consumers also trust user-generated videos 50% more than brand-generated videos — which is why we have put added emphasis on capturing this content. In fact, our solicitation methodologies are proven to generate 154% more visual media for brands and retailers.
Safeguard the quality and authenticity of your UGC with our industry-leading moderation services that ensure compliance with FTC, GDPR and industry-specific regulations. Advanced fraud detection technology helps protect your brand against fraudulent reviews, slander, foul language, competitor-merchant or price references, and offensive images and videos. Premium human moderation provides extra peace of mind in accordance with your specific guidelines and recommendations.
Our technology is designed to support global organizations and incorporates content capture and moderation capabilities for 54+ languages across the globe including Americas, Western Europe, and Japan.
Optimize Your Ratings & Reviews Program and Improve Your Business

Our UGC Analytics platform enables you to analyze the influence of any piece of user-generated content on the buyer journey. Powered by AI and Natural Language Processing, it also enables you to analyze all your (and your competitors’) content to drive improvements across your business.

Understand the sales influence of every review, image or video you display on your site. Does a specific display perform best on a specific page type? What type of UGC has the biggest impact on conversion? How are shoppers interacting with your review content? Answer all these questions and more.
Know which user-generated content performs best, then optimize accordingly to ensure it has maximum impact on driving sales.
Holistically analyze the performance of individual products and your entire catalog to understand where to make improvements that drive the biggest impact.
Benchmark against competitors by product, brand, and product category by scraping UGC data from across the entire internet to understand and improve product sales performance.

Helping Established Brands Get Bigger and Better

1 ,000
Nutrisystem has captured and displayed 530,000 Ratings and Reviews using PowerReviews technology
1 %
Evo increased volume of reviews captured using mobile devices by 203% as a result of leveraging PowerReviews technology and best practices.
1 %
Following PowerReviews best practices, Room & Board converts site visitors who read review content at a rate 95% higher than those who don't.

Powering Direct-to-Consumer Transitions

0 %
review completion rate from product sampling campaign
1 %
conversion lift when website visitors interact with customer-generated media
average star rating

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