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Reach billions of shoppers

Reach and influence billions of shoppers by syndicating UGC to 2000+ leading retailers. With 79% higher product matching rates than our competitors and advanced moderation, syndicate more ratings, reviews, images, video, Q&A quicker to drive more sales.

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UGC Syndication
Massive reach

Get your UGC content in front of BILLIONS of shoppers to propel business growth:

  • Share your UGC content to more than 2,000 retailers, including the biggest in the world

  • Enable consumers to share content to Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Syndicate to Google to have reviews, images, and rich snippets appear in product listing ads, Google Shopping, seller ratings, and organic search results

  • Bottom line: More reach = more sales

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The Best Product Matching
Optimal syndication accuracy

Leverage our AI-powered Product Knowledge Graph, for the most accurate and quickest UGC syndication on the market.

  • 79% higher product match rates than other vendors

  • 13% more reviews syndicated compared to other vendors

  • Our A.I. error correction capabilities enable you to automatically overcome incorrect product matching

  • Better syndication accuracy = more UGC shared

yarn instagram post
yarn instagram post
More Content Types
Syndicate Q&A and visual content

Unlike any other provider, we syndicate Q&A, images and video. Amplify the content that makes the most difference.

  • Conversion increase of 69% when one customer-generated image is added to a product page
  • Brands using our Q&A technologies and best practice processes experience a 500% increase in sales
Consumer engagement amplified
Drive more sales on retailer sites

Syndicate your responses to both Q&A content and specific ratings & reviews to the same retailers and ecommerce marketplaces. Leverage this mechanism to address purchase-blocking questions, demonstrate customer care, and drive more sales.

  • Respond to low-rated reviews to mitigate their impact
  • Improve customer care processes at scale with efficiency
  • Strengthen relationships with retailers through improved visibility via one interface
Fastest, Easiest Set Up
Start Syndicating UGC Quickly

Dedicated teams get you up and running to syndicate UGC faster than anyone. Simply deliver us your data. We take care of the rest.

  • 72 hour response time at absolute most, usually faster.
  • The fastest implementation – 50% faster than the industry standard.

Syndicate UGC to 2000+ retailers


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