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PowerReviews collects reviews that consumers actually want to read in the largest volumes through the best inorganic and organic review collection methodologies.

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PowerReviews offers a premium API-based Walmart syndication integration. Combine this with our existing premium processes – which have increased syndicated review volumes up to 89% – to get more of your content to than ever before.

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Growing an ecommerce business is hard and growing your Ratings & Reviews program – while critical – is likely one of several components you have to manage. We are experts so you don’t have to be. Ratings & Reviews Benchmarks

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Syndicate Anywhere You Sell

Our own network combined with our partnership agreements means we can get your review content anywhere that accepts syndicated review content.

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Leverage premium processes that have increased syndicated review volumes up to 89%!

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Build the best UGC displays for your business from more than 3,000 options – backed by critical display performance analytics data highlighting what actually drives conversions.

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PDP load speed can be the difference between making a sale and losing a customer forever. Our displays are built with the lightest code and won’t ever slow you down.

The Best Sampling Programs

Our average 85% review submission rates drives maximum efficiencies and optimal results.

PowerReviews offers standalone syndication to and/or a full scale Ratings & Reviews platform and support to build market-leading UGC programs.

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Who is PowerReviews?

PowerReviews ( is the Ratings and Reviews Specialist Doing More with UGC to Grow Your Business.

We enable you to collect and share more and better user-generated content, display it for maximum conversion impact and analyze it to benchmark and improve product experiences.