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Collect more visual media with reviews. Accurately understand and size its impact to drive more conversions.

Shoppers want to see pictures and videos from people who have actually used your products.
0 %
lift in conversion for consumers who interact with user-generated imagery or video compared to those who don’t (up from 91.4% a year ago).
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of shoppers are more likely to buy a product that has reviews that include visual content in addition to written text (up from 72% in 2016).
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Collect More & Better Content

User-generated imagery and videos are often an afterthought for reviewers, but are critical to shoppers. We capture more native visual media with the reviews you collect.

Enable your customers to submit imagery direct from their desktop, mobile device or social media accounts to your website.
Provide customers with the option to share imagery and videos before or after providing a rating/review – whichever will generate more and better visual media.
Our technology enables you to provide your customers with the option to submit imagery and video with or without an accompanying rating and review – which means you capture more user-generated visual media.
Success Story
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images captured natively
WEBS Yarn collected and displayed more than 4,000 images and videos natively as a result of partnering with PowerReviews.
103.6% conversion lift
when shoppers
click the
“Image Gallery Next”
96.4% conversion lift
when shoppers
click the
Gallery Previous”
110.7% conversion lift when shoppers interact with image galleries in review displays

Create Conversion-Focused Displays

Build the best UGC displays for your business and your customers from more than 3,000 options. Rely on critical performance analytics data to incorporate imagery in a way that most drives conversion.


The Best UGC Strategies are Built on Data

Visual media collection and display performance analytics ensure you focus on capturing and serving content that is most impactful on driving conversions. Our analytics include:

  • Imagery/video coverage insights
  • Imagery/video interaction analytics
  • Imagery/video volume impact
  • Conversion rate impact


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