PROFOOT is a family-owned business based in Brooklyn, NY. Since 1986, it’s been making high-quality footcare products so your feet can be free of pain.


Benchmarking Sentiment Analytics helps PROFOOT close out record sales year.

The Opportunity

Understanding how to leverage customer review content to benchmark and drive business performance improvements is no easy task. For most brands, this requires combing through dozens of different websites for a common thread across hundreds, if not thousands, of user reviews.


For growing companies like PROFOOT, gathering that data manually is too time-consuming and resource-intensive to be practical. But at the same time, the company needs customer insight—it’s pivotal for brand growth and product development.

The Challenge

To solve the challenge, PROFOOT started using software that allowed them to find and add customer reviews to their website. But it wasn’t long before Jessica Donoghue, VP of Marketing, hit major bumps in the road. Jessica says, “[The competing solution we were using] wasn’t flexible enough to work with a company our size. I wanted certain things from the product that it couldn’t deliver. I quickly realized that they weren’t the right partner for PROFOOT.”


What Jessica wanted more than anything was benchmark data that would help her definitively compare PROFOOT’s messaging and positioning against competitors. But that was one thing the other platform couldn’t provide.


“[Competitor] wouldn’t give us any type of benchmark data. Why? Because they worked with other brands in our niche,” Jessica says.


Without any benchmarks or comparative data, Jessica lacked the proof she needed to market to new customers and persuade retailers about the quality and staying-power of PROFOOT products.

Deep Insight Into Product Review Data Across Multiple Sites and Competitors

Frustrated by their previous customer content technology provider, Jessica began seeking other solutions. That’s when she found PowerReviews. The difference was night and day.


What Jessica liked most was PowerReviews’ Benchmarking Sentiment Analytics, which provides deep insight into how the brand is performing while protecting brand content and without compromising data integrity. Data is either highly aggregated or scraped from public sources, such as Walmart, Amazon, and Target. This enables Jessica to benchmark product review data against competitors of her choosing.

Social Proof for Retailers and a Record Sales Year

PowerReviews also enabled PROFOOT to compare customer sentiment across the entire “insoles” category on Amazon and combined that data with product feedback from across their open platform. This reporting capability led to even more comparison insight and different benchmarks.


Even with thousands of reviews, it now takes Jessica practically no time at all to track consumer feedback, sentiments, and trends.


“We have thousands of reviews on Amazon and other platforms. We actually have as many if not more than our leading competitor—but the data confirms that our customers are more satisfied and engaged [with PROFOOT] as a whole,” she says.


With Benchmarking Sentiment Analytics insight in her back pocket, Jessica has all the ammunition she needs to prove that PROFOOT has a vibrant community of brand advocates and deserves a place on store shelves.

ROI Delivered

Jessica says that this social proof has played a large role in helping PROFOOT close out their best selling season to date. “It’s been a very positive year. We’ve managed to get several new items into a number of drugstore chains.”


“I use PowerReviews reports to sell—the data shows retailers how customers are engaging with our brand. So I would say it’s an integral part of our strong selling season,” she adds.


Jessica is confident that her team has the best solution on the market for combing through thousands of reviews, benchmarking customer feedback against competitors, and extracting actionable insight—all for a low price.


Full details and insights on PROFOOT's success with the PowerReviews Platform.


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